In Other Words

“You act more like a Christian by your influence on the lost, then the saved
people you impress”
~ Dr. Alvin Reid ~

Laurel Wreath is hosting “In Other Words” this week, please visit her for a more in depth look at this quote……This is my look at this week’s quote.

I have to admit it……..I am a terrible Christian………I am impatient in the grocery store, waiting in line when it’s already been a long day. In traffic I have experienced my share of “road rage” and I have to admit that there have been a few times my middle finger has come up in response to someone flipping me the bird. I don’t often let people into my line of traffic… fact I often speed up so they can’t get into my line of traffic…(I know everyone is just falling down in shock right now). I am a receptionist and often there are time I get irritated with some of the people who phone constantly for silly things…..especially when I am in the middle of working on something that needs to be done ASAP. For all of these reasons and more I am a terrible example of what a Christian should be. I am learning that it doesn’t matter where I am……who I am talking to….I am the only “Jesus” someone may see in that day. After all, He lives in me right, I invited Him to guide me……..but………something I do will either draw people to Christ…..or away from Him. There is no room for error on this……..I am positive that because of my bad behavior I have turned people away from Christ and the church. That is a huge responsibility I must bear…..I alone will be accountable for that…..sometimes you only get one chance to change someone’s day, a simple smile may do….or a touch on the shoulder……’s grace in action……it’s loving people when they are unlovable, it’s doing the extra work at your job when you know it will never be rewarded………I wish I would have understood this sooner….stopped blaming everyone around me for my bad behavior sooner…….but……..I can only do my best now…….and even that is still a work in progress!


9 thoughts on “In Other Words

  1. You know, I think we are all a work in progress until we get to heaven :)…What I have started doing when I am driving and people don’t abide by the rules and cutting me off — I wish them a good day or I pray for them…Puts my ‘fangs’ back into my mouth…
    Blessings on your day and always…

  2. I appreciate your honesty–it made me laugh because I can relate! Don’t sweat the small stuff is easier said than done, isn’t it?


  3. This is where God’s grace and mercy comes in. I would be lying if I was one of of the people you mentioned =) I think many of us have been there.

    Just like motherhood, I tell the Lord take all my failings and all my failures and do something beautiful with them.

    Thank you so much for paticipating.!

  4. thanks for being so truthful! I too am a work in progress.. not prefect, just forgiven!

  5. Oh I can relate. I’m so glad that God accepts me where I am and helps me be more like Him, than waiting until I am like Him to use me. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I am learning that it doesn’t matter where I am……who I am talking to….I am the only “Jesus” someone may see in that day.

    Yes! We are his hands! I agree with everything Laurel said too. His Grace is amazing!

    Thanks for participating today, I enjoyed reading your take!


  7. A Work in Progress!! Aren’t you thankful God is not finished with us yet. Thanks for sharing.

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