My dilemma

Well next weekend is Breakforth weekend……..I have been looking forward to this for almost 5 months……’s a huge worship conference I try to take in every year……..but I now have a problem. Barry & his buddies are going to Edmonton too to take in some hockey games which is their yearly ritual…….so I was going to take my kids with me to Edmonton too but then…….who do I get to house sit for me? The person I normally would get to house sit for me (to look after my 3 dogs & 2 birds) is not someone I can ask to do this for me anymore so I am left with a dilemma. I have been considering asking a friend to let my kids stay with her for the weekend because she lives around the corner from me so that they can come home during the day to look after our pets….I feel like I am imposing asking a huge favor of people to look after my pets……..I can’t afford putting them into a boarding kennel…… my options now are to either impose upon someone to come here and look after my pets, or have my kids stay back this weekend and impose upon a friend to look after my kids so that they can look after the pets….or just stay home myself and lose out on this great weekend I have been waiting for. My kids are only 13 & 14 so staying at home by themselves just is not really an option for me…… Mom is moving next weekend so I can’t ask her……..sigh………you see my dilemma? Any advice?


3 thoughts on “My dilemma

  1. I would be praying..if it is God’s will for you to attend this conference, He will find a way. Have the faith of a mustard seed.

  2. Thanks for praying….I asked a friend to come and stay with my kids this weekend and she agreed to do it….in fact she said she would love to do it for me…’s nice to have friends like that.

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