Goodbye’s….and a few other things

My Sister & Brother-in-law, niece & nephews, my Aunt & Uncle all left for Bolivia today ……
it’s so hard to say Goodbye when you know it’s not going to be 2 years until you see them again.
My Uncle Jake & Aunt Dorothy came for dinner the night I had my entire family over so that we could have one big shin dig at my new house………here they are with Kendra & Karla, my cousins………Pray for them today as they travel………Kendra’s blog is something I consider an awesome read and you’ll find it in the links at the side…..

It was so nice to be able to sit down and talk with them for a while because it’s so hard to get that kind of time with them when they are home on furlow. The food was good but the fellowship was even better…………

Larry & Colleen’s family picture…..please keep them in your prayers today as they travel…..Pray that Jackson (the little guy) is good and doesn’t get to restless. They arrive home late tomorrow night.

These pictures where taken a few months ago and are the kind of pictures that don’t happen very often……both Colleen & I don’t like pictures much…..this was at her birthday party…..I won’t say how old she is…….you can tell she was not impressed……LOL!

This picture is even more rare because……well…… brother Keith is actually smiling. He usually hates pictures too so he either hides or makes some kind of a goofy face… nephew Dylan was just along for the ride.

Now these pictures are brand new……..I got my hair done today(finally)…..and I changed my entire hair color……..if you look at the pictures above………and the pictures now(below) you can see a noticeable difference. I have never had my hair dark like this but I am really liking it right now. What do you think?

You have to love a hairdresser that when you come to her and say “I just want something all new” she gets so excited about the possibilities……and then she produces exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t cut my hair other than to get it relayered to show off all the new colors…..there are 3 colors………isn’t it cool?

There is nothing like a trip to the hairdresser (especially mine) to make you feel like a million bucks………my hubby even noticed how great I looked and made sure to hold on to my hand while we were shopping to make sure every guy out there knew that I was HIS…….LOL!

Ok I think I can tolerate the rest of January now……..but……..just another thought….. has anyone thought about how bad spring run off will be? Can we say FLOODING? Farmers are already talking about it……..oh well… least I will look good!



11 thoughts on “Goodbye’s….and a few other things

  1. It was nice getting a peek into your family life….I love what you are doing with the photos ;)…also….your new hair color is perfect for you and a great way to get out of those winter doldrums!! God, please send an extra blessing to all the hairdressers that take such good care of us 😉

  2. your hair looks great!!!!! no wonder you feel so good, that’s one of the best colorings i’ve ever seen!! who do you see??

  3. Thank you Jenny, Nin, Sissy & Janelle….
    Janelle…Her name is Sharon @ the Hairstlye Inn at Lawson Heights…..sometimes it takes awhile to get an appointment with her but she is soooo worth it.

  4. I’ve gone to Sharon before! That’s awesome, she is really really good. I used to go to hairstyle Inn quite a bit, I’d either get Sharon or Laddi (he’s so funny). I really do love the color tho, I got something very similar to that for my wedding, but without the super funky dark brown thing you have. I’ve been wanting some red in my hair lately, maybe in a few months for my annual spring hair change I’ll get some red. It’s such a beautiful color but it sucks that it fades so quickly. Red is the hardest color to keep. (but I love it)

  5. wow. i’m recognizing faces on your blog from my teen years. that’s just crazy!! 🙂 GREAT HAIR!!!

  6. you look beautiful – absolutely beautiful!! love it

    hey i think your sis and bro in law have been coming to our church, now i know why she looks so familiar – definitely a resemblance!!

    sorry i haven’t visited in awhile!


  7. oh my goodness Camille you’re right! She was the one who sang that song on stage at the end of the sermon right?

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