It’s day like these when……

I love to snuggle by the fire with a good book…..but I am all out of books to read…..

The Sun is shining today…..the streets in front of my house have been cleaned…’s like the earth doesn’t even remember the terrible storm from yesterday! It’s bitterly cold outside… car won’t start so all my plans for this day just got tanked……I really dislike winter from holding me back from my hair appointment & my lunch date with a friend. I dread every January……..February I start to look forward to spring….but for now it’s January……I think I should take up a hobby or something in January just to get me through or go on holiday’s in January to break up the dreaded winter for me. Blogging helps but I hesitate in sharing my real feelings when I have the winter blue’s(I don’t want to drag others into my misery)…….which I get every January because of how little the sun shines……..I really love the sun today……..but I can’t go outside to soak up some rays because I would freeze to death inside of a 5 minutes. The weather man is calling for cold temperatures all weekend………like -30 to -40 degrees Celcius……and with windchill it could be worse than that………so now………well I am trying to appreciate at the very least the beauty of the freshly fallen snow……..but I really hate winter…….did I say that already?
I’m going back down to sit by the fire……..


5 thoughts on “It’s day like these when……

  1. Hey, on the bright side, it’s JANUARY 11th already….the month is almost 1/2 over 😉 Hope that cheers you up a little!

    † Amber

  2. Oh man…I just missed the nasty cold…shucks!! Seriously though, I can sympathize to some degree. I know what Saskatchewan cold is…not fun!

    It was great seeing you last week!

  3. I know what you mean…
    I just realized today that I hadn’t been out of the house since Monday!! Luckly I went out tonight…but yeah, the cold makes me stick close to home….and sticking close to home makes me stir crazy….no happy medium.
    But yes, looking at that sun from inside a nice warm house can trick your mind into thinking that all is well….when really all is ice, and we still have months to go…
    I love the pics of your new house by the way. I love your fishie sink!

  4. Man! So sorry about missing you in Saskatoon AND Edmonton. I was taking off to the mountains just when I got your message and then things were nuts so I havn’t written back.

    Were you here with Larry and Colleen having a holiday?

    Hope you had fun!


  5. Hope that the weekend is finding you able to go outside…I too would be miserable over missing a hair appt!!! I just can’t get over all that snow!!!

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