A new templete for a new year!

Well thanks to Sissy from The Whippoorwill Chronicles for helping me out with my Photo Editing….I have spent all day on this and I have to say…..for the very first time of learning Corel Paint Shop Pro & Html codes I think I have done ok. The Sunflowers are significant for me because a few years ago I went to a conference where I was given a message from God for me which is that I am a “flower of the Son” and my girlfriend sent me a card a few months later with a Sunflower on it and inside it said…..”This is to remind you of who you are in God’s eye’s, I saw it and I thought of you!” So the Sunflower is my special flower now………everytime I see it, I get tears in my eyes because of how God met me that day to tell me how special I was to him!
I am sooo excited to start a new season of blogging………with my new software I think I will have allot of fun……..Stay tuned for some more upgrades and a new post on my New Year’s Goals!


5 thoughts on “A new templete for a new year!

  1. It looks awesome!! I love sunflowers as well…I had them as my flower for our wedding.

  2. Lovely new design! Sunflowers are my favorite flower too, but not for as meaningful a reason. Yellow is my favorite color!

  3. it’s so nice when someone has the patience for nice blogs. i haven’t changed mine forever. it looks really nice. love the significance of the meaning.

  4. isn’t it so awesome when God gives us a special message right from His amazing heart to ours. so special!! you are a very special “son”flower crystal!!!!

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