Ok one more post before the move….

Who says 5 pounds can’t be tough….???

She has to sit on my lap right between my legs on this blanket………..

I bought my baby this shirt today………she is sooooo adorable……and way to cute for her own good…….

Waiting for a chip………they have amazing concentration when it comes to food!

I just can’t help it……look at those lips……no wonder her nick name is gums…..I took these pictures yesterday…..I know not everyone is crazy about animals but how can you not love these faces?
Merry Christmas………ONLY 4 days until our move…………..

11 thoughts on “Ok one more post before the move….

  1. you know what???
    I’m really not an animal lover. you know that about me, i almost killed my cat!!!
    but when i met your dogs and even your pesky bird, I honestly fell in love with them and their little personalities. the way you know them so well, i rememeber spending a good chunk of our visit just talking about all the little things that make them special and unique. I was sincerely interested (for those that know me, that’s really odd!) They really are a blessing and i love how you take such good care of your dogs.
    And honestly, if I hadn’t of met them and spent some time with them, this post really wouldn’t mean anything to me, but that “waiting for a chip” picture….was priceless. and the 5 pound one…

    hope the move goes super smooth and that you and hubby don’t get too stressed or tired

  2. I love animals…and it’s funny about those chips…my dog hates the regular lays chips but he goes crazy when my husband opens a can of the stackable ones!! Aren’t dogs great stress relievers?? Wishing you a smooth move and a very Blessed Christmas!!!

  3. man i love those dogs. they are so beautiful!!
    i sure hope the move goes well. i can’t wait to see pics of your new place.
    take some time to enjoy Christmas k???

  4. I never noticed that one of your dogs is a pug!
    I totally have always wanted a pug, ever since I saw the movie “Milo and Otis” when I was a kid.
    I hope you’re move goes really well. I know how stressful it can be. Be blessed, have an amazing Christmas!

  5. Hi Crystal
    I found you through CWO!
    I love your doggies! The focused expressions on that biscuit is amazing!!!! Very Sweet!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Hope the move went well Crystal – and that you had a wonderful Christmas!!

    ps – I’m back blogging again at underourtinroof.blogspot.com

  7. been thinking of you over the holidays. hope your unpacking is coming along. take care!! 🙂

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