The Story of the Day

Today was an incredibly busy day at work…..I had two big mailing to get into the mail today…’s not a job I enjoy but I am the one who does it ……I can safely say that I a very task driven person, I get consumed in my task and people may talk to me but, well, I just don’t really hear them…….so the story begins… cell phone rings @ work(it always annoys me when it rings when I am in the middle of a task) and it’s my daughter…….”Mom, I am just calling to remind you that I will be staying after school to work on a project with my friend”, “ok”, I replied, when should I pick you up(I was assuming from school)?” “I don’t know” came the reply……”I don’t know how long it will take us to do our project…..can I call you when I a done?” “Ok” I replied…….and that was at 2:30 p.m………so because of my busy day I stayed late at work and got caught in rush hour traffic…plus it was raining, yes raining, in the middle of winter……so the drive home which usually takes less than 30 minutes took me 1 hour…..I get home around 6 p.m. assuming my husband would have already picked up my daughter from school………and she was not home………no phone call……….I waited for an hour and I phoned the school only to get the caretakers who stated rather emphatically “there is no one here” … this time I was panicing……my rules in my house are fairly simple, if you go to a friends house after school you must call home so that I have your friends number to call should something happen. I did not have any idea where she was……..she started a new school in fall so I had not yet collected the names and phone numbers of her new friends………and by this time I am losing my mind… I called the one friend I did have the number for……”no she’s not here”………and by this time I am seeing visions of my daughter lying in a ditch somewhere, beat up, battered, raped and dead!…I waited again for a few more minutes……..tears are rolling down my face and I hear this voice in my head that says “what kind of Mother doesn’t have the numbers of her daughter’s friends?” all the while I am looking through the phone book randomly hoping a miracle would happen and her friends name would magically appear in front of me……….I called back the one number I did have, knowing that she, being a great mother, would have the numbers of all of her daughters friends and therefore have the numbers of my daughters friends since they are attached at the hip. I am sure this Mother thought I was losing my mind, which in all reality I was, so I collected the names of all their friends and started calling…..”Hello” I am Cassandra’s Mom, would you happen to know where she is?” The first friends response was “ummm well I think she went over to Chelsea’s house, they were working on a project”………my panic begins to subside……so I look through my list of names & numbers and find her number and dial……..”Hi, would Cassandra be over there?” “uh, well, yeah” comes the response……..”could I talk to her please?” is my reply……..(I am crying like a baby at this point) and my daughter comes on the phone and my first statement is “(using my daughters full name)do you know what you have done to me……..I have nearly gone out of my mind because I did not know where you were….. where are you…..we are coming to get you RIGHT NOW!” “Well Mom,” is her response “I told you I was going over to Chelsea’s house to work on my project”………”you weren’t listening again were you? “never mind, I said……..just give me the address and we’ll come get you”…… so she gives me the address……….I am shaking so badly, the tears are rolling down my face……….I look over at my husband “could you go get her please?”……..he didn’t even argue with me, probably because he knew how irrational I was at this point……….so anyways………now she is home safely……I am still sure that she told me she was going to stay at school to work on her project….but I don’t care anymore who was right and who was wrong…..she is safe……….my words to her were…”I am so glad you are safe, you will understand this panic someday when you are a mother……trust me……..if you ever do this again without letting me know the number of the friend you are going to, you will be grounded for a year”(all the time I am crying like an blubbering fool). Her response simply was “Well Mom, I’m sorry, but …….. I did tell you”
The Moral of the Story is……..always collect the names and phone numbers of all your kids friends so that when you neglect to listen to the entire conversation you have with your child on the phone and you lose your child…… have people to phone……WELCOME TO A WORLD WITH TEENAGERS……I am still having problems controlling my emotions……..where are those shoulders to cry on when you need them?


9 thoughts on “The Story of the Day

  1. My daughter is just on the fringes of being able to go over her friends’ house without me driving her there and back…so this is a view of things to come for me huh? It is already difficult to focus on what she is saying when we are face to face ,teenagers have the tendency to talk on and on and on about what to us is nothing ;), so it is no wonder we suffer from selective attention when they are talking, whether in person or on the phone. A natural reaction learned over time. However, I agree….always have EVERYONE’s phone number handy!! I am thankful that all turned out well…you are not alone in the emotional rollercoaster of being a mom, trust me 😉

  2. oh my goodness! i’m going to do the exact same thing when Kamryn grows up!! how do i keep her little??????

  3. Why didn’t you call me last night, just because we did not do our small group doesn’t mean that I was not still here for you. We could have cried & panicked together.

    Talk to you later.

  4. Yikes! I would have panicked too! And my hubby’s the same way- task driven. There are so many times I’ve told him something and he even answers me and then later swears he knew nothing about it!!

    Glad she’s safe, and BTW, I love the sunflower picture! Is that new?

  5. What’s wrong with your Mother’s shoulder Dearie!!! I do recall some days I had like that!!

  6. I´m a little far away but if you ever need to talk (by that I mean e-mail because a phone call would be a little expensive) I´m here. Oh and I´m glad that your daughter is ok

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