“I am the one who hold the keys to the atmosphere in my home”
~Terry Maxwell~

Ok so I am trying something new….this week’s In other words hosting is done by Fruit in Season and I find it inspiring to read other women of faith joining together sharing their lives through In other words….

I truely believe I took this to heart when my children where very young……even though I lose sight of the goal every once in a while…..every morning in my home is the same kind of routine before I leave for work or the kids leave for school….as they walk out the door I say “I love you Brandon, I love you Cassandra”. Often when my kids have had a bad day at school it’s because of my insensitivity to them in the morning before they went to school….or the morning just did not go as well as planned because certain teenagers that take forever to get out of bed and get rushed out the door because they forgot to set their alarm…..but for the most part it’s the same routine…….now I wish I could do better in the evening when they come home….sigh…
This quote is particularly significant because we are moving in two weeks….it is how I handle myself that will determine the atmosphere of our move. It’s my choice, it can be a good one or a bad one.
Jesus I invite you into this move…….make it memorable, help it to bond our family together, help us to laugh at our mistakes and show each other grace. Amen!


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