So this is what it comes down to…..

Do you ever feel like your life amounts to just a few boxes?
I am so proud of our family! We have really gotten into the packing mode and so far my storage room, my closet, the kids closets & all my crystal and dishes I don’t use are packed. (look closely and you will see two dogs that feel completely lost in all these boxes)

Last weeked Barry and I attended class 201 in our church, and it’s all about becoming spiritually mature…… that you continue growing……..and something really stuck out for me……..Do I invite Christ into everything I do in my life or am I just trying to manage everything on my own? I have to say that the answer for me is that I try to do everything myself………hence the title to my blog “God is in Control…..Not ME!” I don’t invite Him into my daily activities……I don’t ask him to help me with my daily decisions unless I am in crisis or I need something from Him………but the challenge I have given myself is to begin each day allowing Jesus into my every day activities…….even this move. Do you know what’s interesting about that? God didn’t change the fact that I hate moving but somehow He’s changed my attitude about it………….I am sitting here totally amazing at how God is working in me……these boxes and the upheavel in my home would normally drive me crazy but instead it’s a means to an end and I am looking forward to the move.
God is a gentleman, He doesn’t barge into my life uninvited…………it seems like a simple concept to grasp but why have I not got this before? Invite God into my move, into my job, into my parenting, into my marriage, invite Him into my friendships, how I handle my disappointments & hurts, invite Him into my grieving…the list could go on and on……I can’t blame Him for things that go wrong in my life because, well, I don’t invite Him into the situation!
I keep Him at a distance…..”LOOK but don’t touch, I am doing fine on my own”……and then something happens and my life falls apart in some way shape or form and then………duh……I am angry at Him or I wonder why He didn’t fix the situation, blame Him for everything going wrong……..when in reality, it’s my fault in the first place that I got myself into this kind of situation because I never invited Him in.
God forgive me!

3 thoughts on “So this is what it comes down to…..

  1. Crystal ! that is so true, how offen do I start my day without asking God what he wants me to do today!? About our selling of our house, I ask why ?? Why not see it what is best for us.. Thanks for the encouragement in my life! Mom.

  2. Being a retired Army wife, I know all about moving!!!I pray that this move goes smoothly for you…it became easier once I started decluttering my life…and let god show me my needs and not my wants. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello today.

  3. oh boy…we still havn’t unpacked some of the boxes from our move in March! those pictures bring back bad memories! 🙂 haha… good luck my dear. i hope everything goes smoothly & you are able to have a great Christmas despite the boxes!

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