A Blast from the Past (2 long posts ahead)

Ok so this is the second time I am doing this post………..my other computer crashed just as I went to save it……….it’s sooo frustrating but these pictures are so cute I just hate to share them. These are definitely some of the most beautiful babies on earth.

We were going through our boxes and boxes of stuff to pack and I came across these pictures and they just brought tears to my eyes.

This is Brandon at about 5 or 6 months, he was pulling himself up and walking around furniture at that time………he started walking (or should I say running) at 10 months and there was only one speed for my son………..FAST.

This is Brandon and Cassandra at 15 months and 2 months……..He loved his Sissy(Brandon’s name for Cassandra, but no one else would get away with using it) even then.

This is Cassandra at about 4 months with my Mother-in-Law………….notice the bruise on her forehead? She got that from Brandon swinging her in her jolly jumper and she hit the corner of the wall………..poor girl!

This is Cassandra at 10 months…………..she was an absolute doll……….she hardly ever cried, and was such a happy baby……..until she started walking and then it seemed that everything changed…….. (hey Darla…..doesn’t she look a little like Makenna?)

This is Brandon’s “choo, choo” This was his favorite toy for a very long time……his legs were so short he had to shift his body so that one leg reach the ground to give him speed! This is a typical shot of my little guy back then……lots of attitude.

I believe they are 2 and 3 in this shot……..they were soooo adorable!

Brandon’s first big boy bike………he rode it for hours on end when he first got it!

This is Cassandra’s 3rd Birthday party……..I wanted to crop the picture of me out and then I though ahh this is me(with a very bad hairdo mind you), why hide it……LOL!

So Fast forward to today…………

Brandon is 14, he will be driving in a year and a half. He is a smart alec to the core……..he loves to get me going and lead me down a garden path or two. He’s been on the honor role for 4 semesters straight (something we were told at one time was not possible because he couldn’t sit still for longer than 2 seconds and he had the worst temper). He loves to play sports, soccer and volleyball are his favorite. We are soooo proud of him! He’s not perfect but I am sure glad he’s mine. Don’t ever believe what other people think is possible with your child……you must be the one who believes in them when no one else will…..
As far as I am concerned this is still one of the cutest babies on earth, (you may hear some groaning in the background as he reads this post)

Cassandra is one of the smartest 13 year old I know…..definitely more mature than most girls her age. She works hard……..loves school…….sports…..absolutely loves kids so she babysits allot…..her threat to me is that she wants to have 12 kids….I just tell her that I will only babysit one at a time she she’d better pace herself………everyone who gets her to babysit RAVES about her……..there are at least 3 mothers in Osler mad at us because we are moving……..She helps me with my Norwex parties and last but not least she is beautiful……inside and out. ( AGAIN, you may hear groaning…..but kids if you are reading this I just want to remind you that I have embarrassing rights until you are 21 so just take it……your just lucky I didn’t post your naked bath pictures……LOL)

I can’t take any of the credit for how they have turned out………it’s all God……..I won’t go into details but I have been a pretty terrible mother for most of their growing up years and God has really stepped in and compensated for my failures. I often feel guilty because I just don’t have the same motherly instinct that most mothers get when their kids are born……..and now even though I know about my “problem”, it takes allot of work to parent my kids on purpose. This took me allot of years to learn and I sure wish I could have learnt some of this stuff sooner cause it would have saved my kids from years of abuse and neglect that they were subject to. I am so lucky to have them……..so lucky that they love me………..I sure love them………..and I tell them every single day…..because I know that they need to hear it from me……….there are some well known child psycologists who say that it takes 7 positive statements to undo 1 critical statement that you say to your child………I remind myself of this every time I want to say something I can’t take back……….words damage more than anything else.

Anyways it’s late and I should go to bed……..I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did going through them.



6 thoughts on “A Blast from the Past (2 long posts ahead)

  1. You have beautiful children!!! And their mother is a beautiful person as well!! Thanks for sharing my friend!

  2. Great pics Crystal! Our kids are such a blessing!

    And yes…lets find a time to get together for a drink while I’m down there!!

  3. they ARE so CUTE!
    thatnks for posting these pics, im sure it took alot of time, to scan them…..post them…..then having to start all over, that’s where i usually give up
    i read you post on you packing. it is a very awkard time to move. ALL our fmaily lives here which means the holidays are booked solid from great aunts to great grandma’s!! joe’s parents aren’t together, so that makes 2 suppers instead of one. it’s usually between 6 or 7 days of suppers and getting together….
    i pray that your move will go smooth. i hope you can find people ….

  4. I hear you on how words can be damaging. I think I am finally dealing with some of the emotional scares in my life from various damaging words spoken to me.
    It’s crazy how kids grow up fast, eh?
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. oh my goodness! they were such cute babies! i take so many pics of Kamryn now – but you gotta have something to remember those years right?? 🙂

  6. Being an avid scrapbooker, I enjoyed your pics very much. My daughter has two albums for every year of her life so far!! Your comment at the end caught my attention….I too didn’t know how to be a parent and thought I lacked the “mother” instinct…we only know those things that were modeled for us during our own childhood…however, as long as love is there, you may make mistakes (we all do) but they are never intentional for God knows your love for your children even if at times when they were small, you doubted. He knew you were the best parent for them.

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