Packing up

Well my house is in upheaval……the packing has begun……..have I mentioned how much I hate packing? It’s tedious and overwhelming and…………painful! I think I have mentioned before that I have fibermyalgia and for the most part it’s under control but when I do anything to strenous or I don’t get enough deep sleep I have these huge flair ups as well as my endurance is just not very good. As we were going through our storage room last night I kept thinking to myself…….if it hurts so much just for a couple of hours of packing how will I do it when we will be moving on the 27th and I have to work all day? To top it all off, it’s the Christmas season when we are moving so I really don’t think we will get much help (other than my family) and this bothers me a bit because that means it will probably take more than 1 day to move all our stuff. I really have to pray about this because I don’t move well, I am grumpy & tired, plus I have this huge problem….when my house is messy I am not an easy person to live with! I am getting better with the obsessive complusive having my house clean at all times behaviour, but it still takes allot of work for me not to be that way, especially if there is no good reason that there is a mess! I seriously think I live with people who love to make things messy just to see me get crazy!
As we were going through the stuff I came across my kids baby pictures and it just seems like yesterday when we took those pictures. My kids were the cutest babies ever……seriously! I am biased of course but other people told me the same thing………I may have to scan some pictures to let you guys see my amazing prodogy as they have grown. I can’t believe my son will get his learners next year and that he will be driving in 2008………that just seems unreal to me……my daughter’s body is starting to develop and and have be seriously asking the question of myself if I am ready for all the attention she will get from the boys? Cause it’s already started and she knows it and uses it to her advantage………I just don’t know where she learnt that from :o))!
This move is the first move that our kids will have to help with the moving……….up until this point we have moved 10 times in our 15 years of married life but this last moved to our current house was 6 years ago and so I always arranged for babysitters so they were out of our hair and now they are old enough to help………and that is just a scary thought for me………I don’t have allot of patience at the best of times………this move is going to be really hard on them I think! (If you think of me on that day pray that I will have some extra grace where my kids are concerned)
Well that’s it for now…..I will try to post some pictures later!


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