Our House is Sold

Well everyone, our house is sold………we are signing the deal this afternoon……….the only problem is that we don’t have anywhere to move to and we have to be out by Dec. 30th.
Please keep us in your prayers, we are going out to do some house shopping this afternoon but there is really not allot available right now……..we really need a miracle!
There is something else that may be happening early in the new year…………I am being considered for a Music & Worship Pastor position in Fort Saskatchewan for early in the new year…..so we have a dilemma on our hands……do we take a leap of faith and move to Alberta or do we just plan to move to Saskatoon until we know something for sure………..
We just don’t know what to do……..and what is God up to? Nothing is forsure with the job in Alberta…….I won’t know more until later this week!
I am soooo scared………..please keep us in your prayers!


2 thoughts on “Our House is Sold

  1. Okay I figured out your addresse! Ignore my email to you!LOL
    That’s amazing that your house was sold! Things will work out in the way it is meant to!
    I’ll be praying for you and your family!

  2. Thats awesome Crystal!

    Just keep asking God for guidance, He won’t let you get into a situation that you can’t get out of. Everything will work out!

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