A Day to remember

Yesterday Janelle & I spent the day together…….we went to Sarah’s young son’s funeral. We were so impressed with this family that has gone through so much. What struck me the most is that their son could not walk or talk…..he had Cerebral Palsey……..and they could have put him in a home…….they were very young when they had him (17 I think) but they chose to care for him. I asked Sarah when we first met…”How did you do it? It must have been hard” Her response to me was….”I didn’t know any different, I just did it”….. As a result the entire family has grown together and Caleb taught them about unconditional love….I was really touched and I have grown to admire Sarah more and more as I know her. We love you Sarah and we are praying for you!

After the Funeral Rod & Janelle came over for STEAKS………..we just got some fresh meat from my parents so it was an awesome supper with an awesome family! Rod and Barry have one very big thing in common……..love of HOCKEY……….Rod is a Toronto Maple Leaf fan and Barry is a Edmonton Oilers fan……..Kamryn is a doll with lots and lots of energy……….she’s also a budding musician.

Abby really liked Rod….my bird got really friendly with him as well………..Janelle said to me that visiting us is better than a petting zoo………I would have to agree…….

Thanks for the visit guys………..we had a great time! Please continue to pray for Joe & Sarah, Noah, Isaiah & Faith and extended family as they mourn the loss of Caleb.



4 thoughts on “A Day to remember

  1. LOVED spending time with you!!!! your house is beautiful – your family so much fun & your pets are awesome!!! those are great pics!!

  2. I have been praying for Sarah and her family as well! They truly are an inspiration.
    I’m glad you and Janelle had a great visit together!

  3. it’s neat to see bloggers unite. 🙂 i too, have been praying for sarah and her family! send her love from her blogger sisters in Christ!

  4. i didn’t make eye contact with anybody that day. i saw one person in the back on the way out of the church. it was caleb’s dr.

    thanks for coming guys. sorry i haven’t been phoning you. i just don’t feel like talking to anyone.

    thanks to all who are praying for me and thinking of my family. connie, jenny, and everyone else. it means alot.

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