What was I thinking?

I just put my calendar together for the next 4 weeks……….I have a total of 3 nights free for the next 4 weeks……..what was I thinking? And how did I get so busy? I am still scratching my head over this one. It’s a miracle I haven’t double booked myself because I did not put my calendar together until Sunday…….LOL!

So I get home from work tonight and my hubby ask’s the question “So what are you doing tonight? Are you going out?” He knows I have been invited to an epicure party so the answer is obvious right? The question is just code for “Can you go out so that I can watch football? or Hockey”. He knows how much I hate watching sports, so he wanted to watch without me saying “Can we watch something else?” To be honest I really had not decided whether I was going to go or not cause this is one of my free nights but now I guess I am going out………and I will spend money………LOL! You can’t have it both ways I figure……..’grin’


5 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. Its amazing how easy it is to get booked right up eh? Hope it all works out and you don’t get too overwhelmed.

  2. that hilarious…my hubby does the same thing. except if it’s hockey – than i’ll watch it with him…but he’s already got my daughter trained. he asks her what she wants to watch & her response is always – FOOTBALL!!!

  3. know what you mean….
    that what things looked like over here all the time before we got pregnant. it was like getting pregnant was a way out of that chaos. although i’m sure it’ll all start up again sometime soon once we’re in a groove….
    was so nice to see you friday, and you’re daughter. she’s so sociable.

  4. super cool to see u 2 on Friday night!! wow!! i loved meeting a blogger girlfriend in person! and i agree, your daughter is the BOMB! so sweet. love you guys!!

  5. i am glad you came. i found that i wanted to visit more with friends i havne’t seen in forever, but it was more formal than i would have liked. it was like, once we were done eating and ordering and the actual show, it was time to go home….

    so nice to see cassandra!
    and thanks for thinking i was worth to spend your one free evening in the next 4 weeks! yikes, that’s going to need some prayer. hang in there, it’s just a season and god will give you the strengh you need to get through

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