We are on the move

Sunday morning was our kick off Sunday at CDAC……we had a great Sunday with a BBQ and carnival after the service…….there was 905 people in service on Sunday morning……..it’s the biggest kick off Sunday in 13 years. It was so exciting to see so many in Church…….and so many people there who had never been to church before…………..it’s the most exciting thing about going to CDAC (Circle Drive Alliance Church), to see people who don’t know God and the gift of forgiveness meet God for the first time, and that happens allot there.
Barry and I finally got serious about listing our house and so we listed it with a real estate agent on Sunday. We have had 3 couples come and look so far and we have already gotten an offer…….so the last few days we have been madly looking at houses so that we could find something we like in the case that we sell in the near future (which looks likely)……….so that is why I have been slightly absent from blogging world……..just pray that we can find a house that we like in our price range! I will update everyone as I know more!


3 thoughts on “We are on the move

  1. wow! big news, may God direct you to the house He has for you and your family.
    That’s awesome about church, so encouraging. 🙂 blessings

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