That kind of day

Do you ever get the feeling when you walk into a room that you should have stayed home? I don’t know about anyone else but I hate that feeling. I am not the most outgoing person…….I tend to be more on the reserved side of things when it comes to being in a big crowd of people. I am ok when it comes to meeting people one on one but I really have to force myself to go into situations where I need to make myself less reserved. I struggle with even going to these kinds of events and then when you make yourself go………and you sit together with your husband in a crowd of people and no one talks to you in more than an hour and a half…….it really makes you regret walking out of your comfort zone.
I have spent the last hour or so just talking to myself and trying not to let it bother me. To give myself credit just for even going…….even though the result is not what I wanted I still forced myself into an uncomfortable situation and I still came out with a decent attitude.
Sometimes I wish I could be the life of the party…..but that is just not me!
I NEED A PERSONALITY TRANSPLANT PEOPLE! Can anyone help me? Any idea’s how I can loosen up in this area or I am just feeling sorry for myself?
Your comments are welcome!


7 thoughts on “That kind of day

  1. I take it that the “perky” party didn’t go well. I’m sorry to hear that.

    Atleast you went. I’ve been in the exact same situation. I think it just all depends on who the group of people are. Its happened to me, and I know it happens to others around me as well. I don’t know what the solution is really. Its hard to get out of our own comfort zones…but sometimes we need to in order to grow.

  2. I agree with Tanya as far as getting out of your comfort zone. In those situations I tend to keep a happy front and then go home and vent to Scott!! I have also learned to listen to my instincts and if I feel uncomfortable and I know that there’s something “off” by a group of people I then choose not to go out with them again. I’d rather be with a group of people that I am comfortable with, and have these people treat me with the same respect I deserve to be treated with. Always trust your instincts, but kill them with kindess!

  3. Oh Yeah I forgot to mention this…it’s really their loss for not engaging in conversation with you. I have been in this exact situation and for a few brief moments when I got home I had a pity party for myself, but my wonderful husband always says, “babe, they’re the ones missing out!”
    So always remember that!! Believe in who you are and if someone doesn’t want to talk to you, hey, they are not worth the time or effort.

  4. Crystal, this is another area in which you and I are alike. While I think I can hold my own in a crowd, I rarely enjoy myself. I think that the reason for this is that we both don’t like surface talk. For the most part, that is all that happens in large groups. I’d take a conversation like ours the other evening over a whole evening of blah, blah, blah in a crowd! I often come home from large events feeling empty, unless I’ve been able to focus in with just one or two people and go deeper with them, despite the crowd around us. Don’t beat yourself up because you do better one on one. That’s the way that God created you. Play to your strengths. Love ya!

  5. It’s funny how things work. We always expect people to talk to us, but do we ever make the effort to talk to anyone else. I realize you stepped out of your comfort zone to even go to the event, but you may never know – those people may have as well and are just sticking to the people they know. This street goes two ways in which we have to make an effort too. Even if it just one person that you try to make conversation with. I am going to a National Conference this weekend for my hobby and I barely know anyone and I’m already semi regretting going as I’m super nervous, but I’ll go and I know I have to make just as much as an effort to talk to people as I expect them to talk to me. You did the first step in going out of your comfort zone and going, the next step now is initiate conversation

  6. to the anonymous commentor…you are right of course the street does go two ways which is why we stayed more than 3 hours….talked to several people…but we are the “new people” so I had hoped to have a few people iniate conversations with us…..we did make somewhat of an effort but it is one of my biggest challenges……care to sign your name?

  7. To anonymous, It’s not the initiating conversation that is sometimes the problem. I’ve been in situations where it is clearly evident people don’t want to carry on a conversation with me. You can only initiate so much…
    These are the most uncomfortable for me. I’ve realized that I don’t make much effort, but I can’t take it too personal. “Different strokes for different folks!”

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