Coffee with a Friend

Tonight I had “coffee” with two friends from my past……..I find it so interesting how God brings people into your life just at the right moments.
Dorothy is a childhood friend who lives in Alberta and every time she comes to see family in the area she gives me a call. I sure appreciate that……she never forgets…….it makes me feel special.
Janet and I have known each other since high school……..she married Dwayne Harms………both of them where friends of mine in Bible school……….Dwayne is one of the reason’s I started blogging……..his courageous battle with Cancer is a legacy he posted about through his final months on this earth……….at his funeral I reconnected with my roomate & great friend Shauna who is Dwayne’s sister………we went to see Shauna and her family this summer when we went to Manitoba……so through all of those circumstances Janet and I went for coffee tonight because I forgot some stuff at Shauna’s house and she was just out there visiting and brought this stuff back for me. I really feel like us going out for coffee tonight was God inspired…….there are just so many things that had to happen that this could not just be a coincidence…… was so good to reconnect and I think there will be many more coffee’s to come………..Janet is one of those great lurker’s in the blogging world……she reads but doesn’t always comment, I admire her, she is someone I see allot of strength in. So Janet thanks for the evening! You Blessed me tonight! I look forward to our next coffee date!

4 thoughts on “Coffee with a Friend

  1. Nice blog template, I was going to use this one, but I was afraid I’d lose all my posts.
    It really is nice reconnecting with old friends. I have had the chance to realize those who are my true friends lately. Sometimes it’s an eye opener,but it’s always nice to know!
    Have a great day!!

  2. it has now been a year since Dwayne died – can you believe it?
    and I’m so glad you got to spend some time with Janet – what an amazing woman.

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