Ok I’ve gone and done it……..I signed up to sell Norwex products…….I really don’t plan on being a pushy sales person…..I just love these products and the will revolutionize how I clean my house. I think just about everyone uses chemicals in their every day life and I just did not realize how much I actually contribute to some of our health problems in our home. Did you know that bounce has 5 harmful chemicals that cause cancer and coats our clothes and then transfers to our skin? Do you wash your mandrine oranges before you peal them and eat them at Christmas? Did you know they are the second highest in chemicals that coat them to keep them fresh? Why do you think so many people get so sick at Christmas time? The highest fruit in Chemicals are Banana’s……do you wash you banana’s? I didn’t before…..but I do now…..but first we peel them and the chemicals on the outside skin transfers to our skin………then we put them in our mouth.
These products are 100% chemical free and will save time and energy in cleaning……it will also save money because the average home uses about 450-500 dollars in chemicals and paper towels every year. The cloths are amazing cleaning tools…..and imagine never having to use chemicals every again!
I personally love the mop the best…’s so easy to use and I hate cleaning! Anyways…….I could go on and on but check out the website……If anyone want’s me to do a home demo let me know and I would love to set that up for you…………..they have amazing amounts of stuff for hostess benefits. I got over 100$ in stuff free for having my party on Monday.
I only plan on doing a maximum of 4 parties a month…..its going to help us make a little extra money every month and I will get to use the products at a discount. Plus it’s a product that everyone can use!
I will get off my soap box now!
Thanks for letting me share……..

6 thoughts on “Norwex

  1. I love Norwex! Wish I had more money to spend on their products…I am slowly building my collection though. All the best as you start this new business venture! I’m sure you’ll do great!!

  2. I’ve never heard of them before, but I did see a stufy on the news once about all the things you just mentioned, about how half of our allergies and what not are caused by all the cleaning products we use. And how the media is just jammed packed full of how we all need to be clean, germs are the enemy…..but then in the end we’re harming ourselves more than the germs would themselves. Anyways, sounds interesting. Good for you, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  3. Hey, I just came home from Shauna and Andrew’s place. She sent some stuff home with me that you forgot there. I told her that returning your items would be our excuse to get together for coffee! Call me.

  4. cool! good luck, you can tell you really believe in this stuff, and that will make you do well!

    Sounds interesting.
    the home demo sounds like a thing to do

  5. i love norwex products…use them all the time.

    glad you’re spreading the word about how many chemicals we come in contact with each day.

  6. The products sound nice. I have never heard of them. I use microfiber cloths that you can get in an auto parts store or other places for $5 a pack. They clean everything without using any kind of cleaner. You can’t beat them. They are the best thing that has ever been invented.

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