Am I crazy?

Well my kids left for camp today………..and after two funerals this week…….it hit me……this could be it…..the last time I see them……….I cried allot this morning……..
I love my kids allot……..and I just can’t imagine my life without them! This left me feeling really lonely today………….my feelings are so all over the map …………sometimes I feel great like I have lots of friends and my life is full but today I felt so alone and I just didn’t know who to phone. I am not naturally a social bunny………….I don’t have friends around every corner……..I don’t attract people to myself naturally…..I am not very funny……..not very smart…… All these funerals really make me examine my life………but I also hate what it does to my emotions! Today this incredible sadness has surrounded me……..and I wish it didn’t! Anybody have a joke to share with me? I am tired of hanging out with myself!


5 thoughts on “Am I crazy?

  1. aw….
    God has created you to be an emotional being, to help carry the burdens of others, to pour your heart out to encourage and edify the body, to cry and mourn for the Father’s heart. You’re amazing. I know, these emotional ups and downs can be bitter sweet, I’m built that way too. But just remember that God is in control, and we need to continuously give our emotions back to Him. The things He wants us to carry He will give back to us.
    He’s made you exactly the way He wants you, exactly the way that others need you to be. You have so much to offer the body of Christ, it would not function properly without you, your giftings, your callings and your emotions. Be blessed in knowing who you are in Christ, in knowing that God is taking care of your children (not you), in knowing that you are blessed with an amazing family and husband, and to view everyday as a blessing with them, making every moment count. Through the funerals you’ve gone to, you’ve been reminded of these things, take them and store them in your heart.
    I liked the pics of your kids and hubby in the last post. šŸ™‚ My little one starts school in September! I’m already getting emotional about it.

  2. feelings can get so crazy being a woman! I would know! It’s days like those that cause me to rememebr the facts that never change. Like God.

    this will pass, try to think of things that don’t change when your feelings are going everywhere. i know that helps me
    and you can call anytime, whether you feel alone or not! especially when you feel alone!

  3. Funerals do make on think about life without those they love. At least they do for me. I have learned that we need to enjoy every moment with our loved ones and not focus on the chance we may loose them. I only wish I would learn it once and not have to keep learning it over and over and over…

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