The kids are off to camp!

Ok so I had my niece & nephew at our house overnight and I just love them……they are the greatest kids……….ok yes I am a little biased but I only get to have them around every 2 years or so because my sister lives in Bolivia………Joelle & Cassandra are only two months apart in age but Joelle looks 17…….she is taller than me! Cassandra has grown allot this summer…….I will have to do some major clothes shopping when she goes back to school. She’s starting to develop a little bit up top I noticed so there will be other items added to that shopping list………it’s so sad… baby is growing up!

Brandon & Jordan are showing off their muscles…..they had such a great time together! You can hardly tell that Brandon is 14 and Jordan is only 11..almost 12……Tomorrow all of them are off to Circle Square ranch together! I am sure that they will have a blast together! On a sadder note…….today I attended 2 of the 3 funerals that I will have to attend this week. My heart just aches for the kids who are without their fathers! It sure makes me appreciate my hubby allot more……even though he drives me around the bend most days……….I don’t know what I would do without him either. He’s a great father, even if he falls asleep watching movies! Caught this moment just now ……….. he tries so hard to stay awake but it never works……this is a sure way to get him to sleep! Isn’t he just the cutest!

Anyways that’s it for me for tonight…….Blessings to you all my blogger friends!


2 thoughts on “The kids are off to camp!

  1. Well everyone this shows that no one appreciates me they just make fun of me every chance they get, Look out honey the war is on. HEE!Hee!

  2. great looking man you got, especially when he is sleeping!! Ha!Iam sure glad he’s my son-in-law.. pretty proud of those grandkids too.. We had a great time bringing them to camp today..made me wish I was young again.. great chance for those kids..

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