Please pray

Since Friday of Last week 3 people I know and that are a part of Warman & Osler area’s have died. All of them are way to young to have died…..all died tragically!
Nathan was 38 and Barry is a good friend to his brother in law and he was in a head on collision with two young people who apparently where driving recklessly, passing people on the right hand side of the road, driving 140 + kms/hr……they over shot their last pass and all died instantly. He leaves behind his wife and two young boys 9 & 7. The funeral is today!
Dan was 41 and his family where our neighbors in the country. He was sick and went to the hospital several times because he was sooo sick……and they kept sending him home with anti biotics……….Sunday he was admitted to the hospital because he was throwing up so badly he could not keep anything down. They did some tests and found a hold in his intestinal track and it poisened him. He died on Tuesday……..he leaves behind a wife & a 15 year old boy & a 14 year old girl. His funeral is Sunday.
Byron was only maybe 20 or 21………He was in the youth group in our church a few years back! I loved this kid……He was different from all the other young people……he put on a tough exterior but I could always get him to smile. His parents are friends of ours. Last night he rolled his car and he died in the hospital!
Three families without their loved one……..Please keep them in your prayers………all of them were Christians so they are all in a better place but there are many people grieving.


3 thoughts on “Please pray

  1. Praying for all the families at this time. May God grant them the peace that only He can bring.

  2. oh man, that breaks my heart. i heard that the boy who drowned at paradise beach was from warman (??) I think. So sad.

    hey, crystal, i think i might have seen you at Extra Foods the other day with your hubby, but i was in a major rush and was trying to get all my stuff. when i looked again you guys were gone! dang!! i should have just hollered over at you!

  3. Hey that is possible we were there ordering a food platter for Barry’s friend to support them during this time of loss….you should have hollered…it would have been great to meet you in person!

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