The next 6-8 months

So for the last 6 months or so I have felt very unsure and waffled with many decisions. I’ve been praying for some answer as to God’s will for me. It’s been a very frustrating time for me because I like to have a plan……….goals…….direction………and to be honest I felt for the longest time I had none of those things but no more! It came to me through a conversation with my cousin Murray and coversations I had with my husband Barry and a few other friends that I just need to make some decisions and head in a direction and if God changes things that is ok.
So here is my plan for the next 6-8 months…..maybe even a year……….

Plan 1 – I want to go back to school for my BA in Music & Theology but I won’t be able to go back to school this year because we will have to probably find a private school for Cassandra to go to(it’s a long story) and we won’t be able to do both financially but……I plan on taking some online courses to start the process. I have requested my transcript from NBI which is the Bible School I attended from 1985-88 to find out exactly how much more I will have to do……I suspect it will be at least another 2 years in school for me.

Plan 2 – I will stay working at the church 3 days a week and for 1 of the days during the week I have off, I will focus on working on my songwriting. This could take me out on different creative kinds of places to help me stay inspired. As soon as I have 8 songs of my own that I like and that I have tried in front of 3 other people who like them……..I want to make my own CD. I have a studio lined up. Now I just need to line up some musicians that would like to help me without charging me an arm and a leg. I also will put 4 of my favorite songs on the CD. What’s really exciting about this is that this has been a dream of mine forever and I am closer to this now more than ever.

So that’s the plan…….isn’t it exciting? Ok so it’s only exciting for me but I am happy that I have a plan. So from time to time I may be asking for some feedback from you guys to help me stay inspired.
So here is my first question for you guys;
Do you have any ideas for where I can go to hang out to inspire me creatively? Somewhere pretty…….quiet……where I can be alone? Somewhere in the Saskatoon Area obviously?

On a side note….we had someone look at our house on Monday who is very interested so please pray that our house sells soon……..moving before school would start could be helpful!

We went to my cousin Alisa’s wedding on the weekend and I posted those pictures on my families blog so have a look……I have an awesome family!


4 thoughts on “The next 6-8 months

  1. wow, those things are exciting!
    It’s always so neat to walk in goals and direction and watch God fulfill our hearts desires and bless us as we walk in obedience. Very exciting about your cd! That’s on my heart to do someday too, but it’s not God timing for me quite yet. I’ll probably be asking you a zillion questions as you walk it out, it’ll be educating for me 🙂
    I write songs about people, their hearts and struggles, and the mercy God has for them, so when I need to be inspired I need to watch people. I find the best place to watch the most interesting people is Broadway. When I see interesting people like that, I’m encouraged by God’s creation, just in the same way as someone would be encouraged by His creation after watching a sunset or thunder storm. I don’t know that there anything more amazing than seeing how God created us. (but that’s just me, I don’t know how Broadway would inspire if you lean more to worship songs)

  2. Come out here, there’s many places to inspire you!!!! Hee hee.

    If you make that CD…I want one.

    I’m glad you have some peace in your life about the direction God is leading you. Peace from God…its a good thing!

  3. i’m super excited about the next year for you – i think you’ll love it! and i can’t wait to come over & see what you are doing & sing some tunes with you!!!

  4. For my inspiration it is nature, especially around water. I love the ocean, but a pond or waterfall can do. I always feel closest to God there.

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