Holiday’s…..and the wonderful people we went to see!

Ok So I have been trying to post these pictures for two days…….I still did not get all my pictures posted but I will try to post them in the next post…….
Our first day we went to see my friend Wendy in Brandon….Her Son is the one who was hit by a car two weeks ago and when we were there he was home on a day pass.

Don’t even ask what is on my forhead but…..Barry & Wenday look good at least!Their dog Casey, who remembered us from when they lived in Osler…….she went absolutely nuts when she saw us.This is my Cousin Gail and her husband Terrance and their kids……….we stayed with them in MacGregor from Sunday to Monday.Our Kids together…On Monday we went to Barry’s Cousin Irma’s house (Her husband Jodi and kids Evan, & Jordan)….this is all of us at the forks in Winnipeg. We Stayed with them from Monday to Thursday morning. Thursday evening we took the kids to a hotel for the Waterslides……..Jordan & Brandon got along really good…………both into the same things……VIDEO GAMES! Cassandra & Noah….Noah is Barry’s Cousin Iris’s son…..he is a miracle child!
Barry’s cousin’s arranged a potluck in Steinbach so that we could hang out with all of Barry’s cousin’s and their families……….Two of Barry’s cousin’s could not make it but it was an awesome time as I met some of them for the first time on this trip. We saw Barry’s Uncle & Aunt as well but we forgot to get a picture of them………sigh…….Barry’s Uncle Just got out of the hospital! He had heart surgery two months ago and then he had to have another surgery due to complications from the heart surgery………….It was good to see them, they are getting older so we wanted to see them while we could.
Irma’s incredibly cool dog “Petey”


4 thoughts on “Holiday’s…..and the wonderful people we went to see!

  1. Looks like you had a GREAT trip! It’s always fun visiting family…funny that we didn’t bump into eachother – you were in my province after all 🙂 Purple looks great on you!

  2. Glad to hear and see you had a good time. It’s such a blessing to see and hang out with family, so important to tie and keep those strings strong.
    Was also super glad to hear that God took care of that whole neighbor situation. He’s so cool.

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