Off on Holidays

Ok so on Saturday we are leaving for Manitoba for our holidays. We are going to Brandon for Saturday night to see our friend Wendy. She will be at the hospital with her son(he was hit by a car 2 weeks ago) so I doubt we will get to spend allot of time with her but we will spend some time at the hospital with her and her son. From there we are heading to McGregor to stay with my cousin and her family for 1 night. On Monday we are heading to Winnipeg to say with Barry’s cousin for 3 days and visit with his Uncle who is in the hospital. On Thursday we are booking into a hotel to let the kids Waterslide. On Friday we are heading to Grunthal to stay with my friend and her husband………we are staying with them until Sunday and then heading back to McGregor for the night……..then coming home again!……..whew……….are you as tired as I am?……….I will need 4 days just to recover from that trip……LOL!
We are going to be seeing some family and friends that we have not seen for quite awhile so I am excited but at the same time……..I hate imposing myself on people to stay with them……..We are spending two nights out of 8 in a hotel……… this is a bit out of my comfort zone BUT I can hardly wait to see all these great people!

Saturday morning before we leave I am singing the National anthem before the start of a marathon at Definbaker park………aparently the guy who asked me to sing got my name from Janelle so thank you Janelle for the referal. I have never sang the anthem for any event so I had to quickly sing it to make sure I knew all the words…..LOL………..Barry said to me “this could be the beginning of your career, you could be asked to do this more”………..CAREER? Singing the anthem? Thats hilarious, I was laughing so hard I cried! Leave it to my husband to come up with something so ridiculas! He just wants me to sing the anthem at the Blades hockey games so that he can go more often……….I know how he thinks!

Have a great couple of weeks everyone!


3 thoughts on “Off on Holidays

  1. Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!! That’s amazing you’re singing the national anthem…no one would ever ask me…people would leave the stadium!!!
    Have fun and take lots of pics!!

  2. Thats so cool that you get to sing the anthem…I’d be so nervous, but I’m sure you won’t and you’ll do great!

    Have fun on your holidays…try not to get too peopled out, its hard, but enjoy yourself none the less. Take care.

  3. wow! is that ever an awesome opportunity! so neat, so happy for you! Don’t laugh too hard at your hubby, maybe it’s the holy spirit speaking through him, you know God’s dreams and plans for us are waaaaaaayyyyy bigger than we think. Who knows?…..:) talk about a huge ministry opportunity, even if you don’t speak. think about it from His bigger perspective, get excited. He’s up to something….

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