Well it’s been a good week I have to say…….I quit my job at superstore on Wednesday! I said I would finish out my next week so after thursday I am finished at superstore. I have done my best to be a good worker but my body has told me that I just cannot do that job anymore.
I just pray that I will be able to find another way to make a few extra dollars that will not be such a strain on my back. Until then I will just work at the church 3 days a week which I enjoy allot!
On another good note, I did my first weigh in on Thursday and I am down 4.4 pounds on my new weight loss adventure……I posted a great receipe for Pie on the weight loss web site.
I got a call from Oreagon for a job I applied at as a Creative Arts director…… was just a prelimanery call so I am not getting my hopes up but it was an answer to pray because I was starting to doubt myself. I have known for sometime that God is calling me into ministry but I don’t know what that will look like in the end. I really think I really underestimate what God has in mind sometimes because I can hardly believe that He really could use me at all. Why do I do that? Someone said to me this week that maybe God has something bigger than I have planned……….and it made me look at this entire process differently………I always expect the worst, not the best from God. I believe people when then tell me that they really don’t think I could handle ministry because I am too soft hearted and emotional, that beause ministry is soo brutal it would chew me up and spit me out. I really need to stop underestimating God……..and look at things from God’s perpective because He always has the best in mind for His children. Remind me of that when I start doubting Him again?


One thought on “Goodbye

  1. It’s hard to let go of what we think god’s plans look like. He does have big plans for you. It will be cool to wathc them unfold as you learn to submit them to him.
    Congrats on quitting superstore!!!
    I will miss going through your checkout!! LOL
    See you tomorrow!

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