One Year to go

I just realized that I have only 1 year until I turn 40…..sigh….I don’t think I look like I am that old but then my view on how 40 year olds should look has changed allot as I get older…… I have this list of things I want to do or have done by the time I turn 40.

Here is my list, I hope you enjoy it!

1. To lose 128 pounds – almost 40 years of being “pleasantly plump” has taken a toll on my body
2. I will get a tummy tuck and boob lift (and maybe a face lift depending on how much it sags after I lose all this weight.) I am not normally a vain person but something happens when you get older and you want to do look your best and your body doesn’t co-operate
3. I want to go skydiving…….I will have to face my fear of Heights of course.
4. To make my own Album
5. To go on a Cruise to the carribean with my hubby
6. To get a sunflower tattoo to remind me of how God views me, not sure where to put it yet……

Who knows maybe in a year my list will change again……….



4 thoughts on “One Year to go

  1. It’s fun to make a list of goals & ambitions…all the best with fulfilling some of your dreams! May God bless you!!

  2. I hear ya about losing that much weight…I need to too. Ugh! But it’ll happen. Then I’d want a boob lift and tummy tuck too. Good luck!

  3. by God grace HE IS ABLE to walk you through all these things. I’m excited to be able to witness them, and witness His glory in it all. Blessings, great goals!

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