A few Ladies……a great night of fellowship

Well Last night I had “Ladies Night In” and we had a great time. The first part of the evening we just talked…………I asked these questions……..since most of them did not know each other I thought this would be a good way to get to know each other better.

1. What we do for a living
2. What we do for hobbies
3. Our biggest pet peaves
4. The one personality trait we would like to change about ourselves
5. Then I told each lady why I valued their friendship and what I appreciated about them.

These question generated some great conversation and I loved to hear each answer. We talked for over an hour, it as amazing. Then we watched a movie “Last Holiday” with Queen Latifa. What a great movie and great fellowship…….the only problem was that my bird screamed all night….how irritating………oh well!

So anyways a big thank you to Lisa, Wanda, Elaine, Sarah & Janelle for coming out to my first Ladies Night In party. I enjoyed your company and getting to know you better.


6 thoughts on “A few Ladies……a great night of fellowship

  1. Thats great that you had such a good time with your friends…I watched that movie too last night…so I guess I was kinda ther too, haha!

  2. sorry i couldnt make it…this weekend was nuts for us..im glad to hear it was awsome

  3. your bird has my heart. Little tyka (if that’s how you spell her name) she is such a sweet bird.
    Thanks for the fun night! Let’s do it again sometime! Your house is so beautiful!

  4. wish i could have stayed longer! i guess i have to get used to the responsibility of being a Mom & not being able to hang out everytime i want too – i’m trying! be sure to have us over again!

  5. boooooooo hoooo i missed out!! guys can we do this again ?? i would gladly have it at our place sometime if anyone wants…

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