Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to ME!

Ok so I know that I am not suppose to toot my own horn but it’s my Birthday today……….It was a pretty sad birthday I really have to say………no presents…….except from my Mom last week (she bought me a really nice outfit, thanks Mom!) I cleaned my house today, it really was not in my plans to do that on my birthday but I was afraid someone would want to see our house today and I just could not leave it. We did go out for dinner with Barry’s Mom and Dad who are up from Edmonton……….I love my Mother in Law……….she loves to trim Barry’s goatie and ears and nose when she is up…… I love it…………NOW I HAVE EVIDENCE……….So I have been laughing so hard tonight, this is her favorite pass time……Barry says that often when they were growing up they would be in the car going somewhere and she would study his Dad and find nose & ear hair that needed pulling and now she has transfered that to Barry and thought I would share it with all of you………..so you can laugh at my hubby to. He’s such a Momma’s boy……LOL. Barry’s Dad’s revenge is that he get’s to watch her torture some other poor soul.
These pictures are my revenge because Barry took me to Montana’s and made me wear the moose head……..No pictures of that Thankfully…….GOTCHA Barry!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to ME!

  1. This is not right i could not fight back between my mom and my woman they tag team i will get revenge\

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I hope it was a great day…even though you cleaned your house.

    Good luck with the selling of your house too. Take care.

  3. I’m sorry, I’ve been dead to the world. Sick with the flu. Went through all our clan. Me mostly…..groan. I hop eyou had the BEST day ever and many many more to come. Tried to call you tonight. call me soon!

  4. Happy Birthday! (a couple of days late, I guess) Hope you have a GREAT year!!

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