106 posts later

Well I just realized that this is my 107th post…………Wow……….I sure have allot of nothing to write……LOL! I can’t believe that I have been blogging now for almost 1 year it’s been an amazing Journey that started because a friend of mine (Dwayne Harms) was dieing of cancer. He inspired me to be a better person and really it’s because of Him that I started blogging in the first place……when he died he left a legacy that just won’t ever be forgotten! If you want to read about him just click on the link on the side that say’s Dwayne Harms legacy, he really was an amazing Man of God.
It’s through his blog that I met Tanya….and it seems the rest is history! Thank you to all my blogger friends who have enriched my life and Blessed me with encouragement and lots of friendship……I am Blessed to know you!

I have some exciting news ………..WE ARE MOVING…….I don’t know any details yet…….so I will share more later when I know more but keep us in your prayers!



2 thoughts on “106 posts later

  1. 107…wow. I wonder how many I’ve done?

    So you’re moving eh? “Sounds” like you’re excited about it. Thats great…I hope it all goes well.

  2. ya, Tanya’s pretty great!
    can’t wait to hear about the big move. i hope it’s something that you will enjoy.

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