A Letter from my friend!

I got a email from my friend and former roomate Shauna today………it was so encouraging I just had to share it………….I am so blessed to know someone like this who really knows me and cares about me……….I won’t share the entire letter but this part I would love to share with all of you because it encouraged me so much………and yes I cried allot when I read it……..I could even hear her voice in my head when I read it!

“Hi Beautiful!
I’m happy for you that you found a new job! Sounds like a great place to work. Don’t be discouraged because you have some ‘rejection letters’, they’re just places that didn’t work out. Sometimes you have to try a lot of times before something works out, but God has a place for you to serve and use your wonderful gifts, and just maybe they’re not going to be ready for you for another couple of months, but if you wait on Him, it will be worth it. Faith during waiting times is tough, but that’s when it is faith – when you can’t see the result. God didn’t give you those gifts so that you could sit on them. You are a wonderful person, and I believe you will have a powerful ministry to come. As for the question that you are (how did you put it?) not deserving of being in the ministry, you aren’t. None of us are. God chooses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. I was reading 1 Cor. 1:27-31 this morning, and it is very encouraging. He is our righteousness, holiness and redemption, so we can boast in Him. The other day I heard a sermon about why we don’t rejoice in the grace we are given. He said that it is because of the fact that we don’t embrace our deep sinfulness and need for Jesus. When we realize our own lack of goodness, we can really celebrate the grace that God gives us and how much He loves us. We have an advantage here – you and I. I think because we are feelers, we feel the rain. We feel deep sadness when we look at how inadequate we are. And then when we see how God loves us and seeks us out and wants to use us to bless others, we are overwhelmed with gratitude. God uses people who can fully embrace their need for grace.”

I can’t go into detail about everything that has gone on this week, it was way more than just 3 rejection letters, but I am so grateful for people like this in my life to remind me that we all go through difficult times that will either build your faith or turn you angry and bitter……it’s a choice…….we grieve yes……..for dreams that die….for what might have been……..but I choose to let it build my faith!


2 thoughts on “A Letter from my friend!

  1. I’m glad that she sent you such an amazing letter. I’m glad that it made you feel bette…things will all turn out for the best…just wait and see.

  2. I’m glad you have a beautiful caring friend like that in your life. Friendships are so critical for a person. I have learned it’s not how many friends I have, but the few I have are quality friendships. Hope you have a better week!

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