Do not look forward in fear to the change in life;
rather, look forward with knowledge
that God will lead you through all things,
Do not worry about what may happen tommorow.
The same everlasting Father, who cares for you today,
will care for you now and every day.
He will either sheild you from suffering,
or give you the strength to beat it.
And when you think you cannot stand it anymore,
He will carry you in His arms.
Therefore, be at peace, put aside all anxious thoughts
and trust the Lord and He will see you through all things
in your life. Trust Him.
…..Author unknown
This is my prayer today………some decisions need to be made yes……….but I know I am not alone………I was never promised that my life would be easy or fair but He promised never to leave me…… I am resting in that thought today! I am still struggling but I don’t struggle alone…….He walks right beside me……….when I fall……He picks me up and holds me close!
He is my Savior, my Lord, my God and my very best friend because He likes me even when I am falling apart and He will hang out with me even when no one else wants to be around me, Him & my dogs……LOL…..I will never be alone.

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