The Sound of Music

Here are some pictures from the Sound of Music performance at the school tonight

The Choir

My cousin’s daughter….Sharlyn……..she played Maria

The Von Trapp Children….. Cassandra is the second last on the right…Marta

Isn’t she just the cutest?

Play clothes for the kids

Doe a deer a female deer…….ray a drop of golden sun

Oh no….he can’t Love me…..

Why would Maria leave us?

The Von Trap wedding…..

5 thoughts on “The Sound of Music

  1. That is so awesome!! Were you teary eyed?? I watched my son in a performance last week (he was doing a solo with 3 others~with the class doing the background vocals) and I was blubbering like a baby! So was my dad!! She does look darling!!!

  2. Cool! I would have loved to have seen it. I’m sure it was amazing! I sure hope that Syd gets into stuff like that, I know that she’d enjoy it. You must be so proud!

  3. i’m sure she did AWESOME! and you must have been sooo excited & proud! i would have loved to have been there! if she sings anything like her Mommy…

  4. Hey Crystal!
    I heard this musical was very good. I’m sorry that I missed seeing it this year. Osler school always does such a good job with their musical dramas.
    That’s exciting about your new job. Congratulations – God is good!!
    You tagged me but I’m not sure what I’m to do now – I haven’t been tagged before. So, what do I do? 🙂 Forgive me for having to ask that simple question. There’s much that I still have to learn in regards to blogging.
    By the way, I love all your pics. The pictures are always what catch my attention. Go figure, hey?? What’s mostly on my site? Yep, pics. 🙂

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