It’s a dog’s life

Ok well our house has officially become a zoo…………..We use to breed pugs and two days ago we got one of our older puppies back from the person we gave her to……..they decided that they did not want her anymore! She has a heart condition so we could not sell her so we gave her to some friends of ours……….who now 3 years later decided that they did not want her……isn’t she the cutest? So now our dog count at our house is at 4. We have a couple of people who are interested in her but we will hang onto her until we can just make sure she goes to a home that will look after her medical needs. She is hilarious just like her mother………..pugs are amazing comedians……..I love that about them.
Nothing much new at our house…………I am still waiting to hear from churches regarding the resume’s I have put out………..the snow is almost gone…….yippeeee!

I hope you have a great week



6 thoughts on “It’s a dog’s life

  1. oh, they are sooooo cute! i would love a beautiful dog like that! maybe someday when i have “responsible” children to help me care for one! they look very loved & very happy.

  2. How can you have a dog for 3 years and decide you don’t want him? Our pom-doxie mix was in the pound because the owner just didn’t want him anymore. He is the sweetest most wonderful dog!

  3. Trust me…I know…..this has caused us not to be friends anymore…unfortunately it caused a huge fight! We found her(the dog) a new home and all it’s all good now but we found out allot more stuff after we got her….I am really glad we got her out of that situation!

  4. Unfortunately there are circumstances when a dog can no longer be in a home! It’s sort of like the reasons a person has when giving a child up for adoption. Perhaps the owners used up all resources. We are having that situation happening with our dog. As much as we love her, she hasn’t adjusted well to the move, we’ve had warnings about her(2 viscious dog warnings…so we are liable for the life of our dog if she bites anyone), she’s peeing and pooping in the house, she’s barking incessantly…our family is stressed out to the max and we have to do the best for our family. I think unless you are in a situation it’s best not to judge the reasons.(if a dog is being abused or neglected that’s a different story altogether!)
    I’m not harping on you Crystal because it’s admirable that you took control of the situation. I would love someone to come and help us out…people are quick to judge, but few are there to help you sort it out!!!

  5. she was locked up in a kennel smaller than her body for long periods of time every day…..she complained that she was peeing and pooping in the house but when we had her she had no problems with that..but then she wasn’t locked up much at our house….someone told us that they saw her husband kick her down the stairs……when we had her for 3 days she was very well behaved….layed back…..she soaked up the attention…… fight with her was because I did take control of the situation…..she was extremely mad at me……but I did what she asked me to do so I am confused about that but whatever….we did what was best for the dog! She is in a loving home now!

  6. That’s awesome you stood up to the plate! She shouldn’t be mad at you, she should be thankful!! Enjoy your day!

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