My internet crisis

Well Thursday I sat down to do some blogging…….post some pictures and I realized that we had no internet…… I phoned our server to find out what was up only to find out that they took the tower we are connected to down……not realizing that we are still connected to it…….We had wireless internet… we had a tower on our house that would connect to a tower here in Osler…and that tower in Osler got taken down. A few weeks ago some guys came out to upgrade our tower and there were problems and so they said they would be in touch but we didn’t hear from them again…….and they forgot to tell the people in the office that they had problems upgrading our tower………so now we are on dial up until we can get cable hooked up….and who knows how long that will be………needless to say I hate being on the internet with dial up……’s sooooo slow…….plus I can’t be on the phone at the same time as being on the internet…….so that is why I have been realitively quiet……I am going through internet withdrawl too………sometimes I think this is worse than giving up pop! I realised again how spoiled I am ……. I like moving fast…….this has made me slow down…….Oh well!
I will let you know when I am up and running again!


One thought on “My internet crisis

  1. lol, I know how easy it is to get attached to something. Our computer was down and in the shop for months! And at the very same time, our camera was broken, I thought my life would never be the same again. I know that if we ever got cable tv, I would go through the same withdrawls. Good luck with the forced fast! 😉

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