Ho hum, diddy diddy dum…..

Well I definately don’t have anything exciting to write………..I was trying to think of something profound but sorry……….not today………profound has left the building….LOL! You are left with plain old me! Here is my day today……I saw Janelle and Kamryn in the mall today …..I was in a hurry cause I was getting a cake to take to my husband’s job……..it’s his birthday today……..so we chatted for a bit, Kamryn blew me a kiss…….how sweet, she is just the cutest ever! Then I took this cake to my husband’s job on his lunch break and emabarrased him in front of all his work buddies…….I even got his Boss involved…..he got me upstairs into the coffee room so I could light the candles before Barry came up for lunch…….it was priceless! Deep down I know Barry was happy I was there……LOL! SO WISH HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY WITH ME!
AREN’T THEY JUST THE CUTEST……this picture is of Barry and my daughter Cassandra today!

I got my hair cut and straightened today……I love getting my hair cut……it’s so relaxing! So I just had to say that cause I wanted to post this picture of me……….normally I hate having my picture taken but I gave in today cause I got this great haircut and I just had to show it off! Really I am not egotistical at all……….LOL!

I hope your week is more exciting then mine…….I have worked two days at superstore this week, I got called in both days, so that is the most excitement in my life that I can share with you!

Lately I have really been praying for one really good friend……..I really need one! The kind of Friendship like someone I can be real with and someone who will hold a confidence and someone who will just like me for who I am………baggage and all! I tend to wear my heart on my sleave but I am realising that with allot of people I cannot be completely real with….allot of people don’t want to know the bad stuff…just the good stuff….it is so hard to look around and know that there not allot of people I can trust. I am not complaining, trust me, I know I am going through this season in my life for a reason……I have allot of friends……….good friends even but I am usually the one who does the phoning……..calling to go for coffee…….I want a friend who needs me too……will help me stay on track with my devotional & spiritual life….that we can be accountable to each other for important things. Get together for coffee or just to hang out………this person has to be able to laugh allot cause I am way to serious sometimes…….I need someone who can help me laugh at myself………LOL…….wow……..it sounds like I am advertising for a friend but really I am just asking you to pray with me that God would bring the right person along!

Anyways……that is just what is going on in my life today!

Thanks for listening to me, enjoy the pictures..



10 thoughts on “Ho hum, diddy diddy dum…..

  1. Hey you hot mama! Nice hair, nice family too! I’m going to call you, so be ready!

  2. your hair looks awesome! hottie, hottie! and it was great seeing you today…i’m glad you got to meet Kamryn…and i’m glad the whole cake thing worked out!!

  3. Happy B-day to your hubby!

    God wants to bless you with a beautiful friend. His heart is that we would not walk this road alone, but with others who can fall back on one another, hold eachother up and encourage. Keep seeking Him, He will honor your heart.

    Nice hair by the way! Wow!

  4. Your hair looks awesome!!!
    “True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice.”
    – Samuel Johnston
    I have many aquaintances but only a few that I consider my honoured friends.
    Have a great day, and go flaunt that awesome hairdo of yours!!!

  5. I just had to add, you have really nice eyebrows. Scott is always laughing at me because I notice eyebrows on people and work hard for mine to look good. I know that it’s superficial and not important, but had to add that!!!

  6. wow thanks so much….blush….
    I have never been complimented on my eyebrows……..LOL!

  7. Your daughter looks like such a hugable girl!! I love the bottom picture, you can really tell she loves her mom 🙂

  8. Okay, I’m not the only one that noticed the brows…..I’m always trying to learn how to get nice eyebrows….crystal, you think you could give me some tips? My sister says that eyebrows are like sisters, they aren’t supposed to be the same, just similar.
    Love ya

  9. Well I can’t really take any credit for the brows..really…that is how God created them and yes I pluck a bit but for the most part they are au natural…the only thing I do do is pencil them a bit because they are very blonde……
    Amber – My daughter is sooo much like me….we really have to work hard at our relationship because we are so much alike but I love her sooo much……..She will be a strong Woman someday and I am proud of her.

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