Bible School Memories

Last night my roomate from Bible school called me………Shauna was my favorite roomate out of all my roomates……We were very close almost inseperable! I miss those days…….we talked for over an hour. The last time I saw her was at her brother’s funeral(Dwayne Harms) and I didn’t get to talk to her much but I realised how much I missed her and I wished I had not lost contact with her like I did. Her sister was killed in a freak accident on a Bible School singing group tour about 8 years ago…. they were touring in Banff and she fell into some rushing water……..and now last year her brother died from Cancer! I really realised what a bad friend I had been…….when she needed me the most I was not there for her. I had lost contact with her so I didn’t realise it was her sister that died until she wrote me a letter a year after. There are things in my life I would like to redo….this would be one of those things……had I not lost contact I would have known that she needed me……..but I was so busy with my own life………doing my own thing…….raising my kids……..all of which are not wrong but if you become to focused on only your life you miss stuff that you could help others through. We are created to help each other through difficult times and I know I have missed many opportunities because I was only focused on me.

There is so much snow that has fallen over the last week……….last night I came home early from work because I didn’t know if I waited until 10 p.m. that I would be able to get home because it was snowing so heavy. What is up with all this snow? It’s suppose to be spring………..I love spring……….it’s my favorite time of year……….I love to see the trees budding……spring flowers….the grass turning green……..I am looking forward to it sooo much so this snow thing is getting irritating……..the snow is beautiful but Lord please bring spring!


4 thoughts on “Bible School Memories

  1. Out here it snows, and then its gone within a day….maybe you should move out here?!

    I do enjoy the snow, but I’m ready for spring too. And summer of course!

    I know what you mean about losing touch with people and then the guilt that you weren’t there for them through the hard times. We had friends like that, we moved, lost touch and then found out that he had died a couple of months after the fact. We felt awful. But sometimes life happens, and it gets in the way. People understand that, more than we know. And God understands too. I know that your friend obviously has no hard feelings towards you, she too I’m sure has gone through the same thing with others and her being in your shoes. Don’t feel bad.

  2. Don’t feel bad about losing touch with someone. These things happen and it’s all a part of life. There are some friendships that are meant to be longterm and others that may only be for a short while. You learn something from both friendships. I’ve lost touch with some friends from the past. It’s always nice to reconnect, but our lives took a different path. It’s all a learning experience.

  3. I have to agree with Jenny. God has seasons for all of our friendships. Sometimes certain ones need to die so He can bless you with new ones. I’ve just recently come in contact with an old friend from highschool. I feel God has really opened a door to minister to her, and I’m quite excited to see what He has planned. It’s neat how He always has us on our toes if we’re really watching and listening.

  4. but also……
    you have an amazing heart, and your compassion for your friends is what makes you great friend. So don’t, don’t feel bad, if you think that the Lord has placed those burdens on your heart. That is the gift of compassion, and His compassion for others needs to work through us. blessings 🙂

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