What next God?

This seems to be a regular question I am asking God lately……..His answer always seems to be WAIT! I am so bad at waiting but this is a road I must travel. I am done my internship and I have no idea where to go from here……Superstore is the only thing that is sure!
I went to a funeral today……my cousin Leona’s Husband died……it was so hard…my family has been through so much in the last year! Their family has been through so much. In October Leona’s Mom died of cancer……Leona herself is struggling with Cancer. For me it’s hard to watch good people struggle. I know that God works all things together for good and He has never promised us that everything would be good but I do wonder how many bad things like this can one family endure……
I am doing this time of lent fast where you give up something for 40 days in comemoration of the 40 days Jesus spent in the dessert. So I gave up Pop…..junk food……and eating past 8 p.m. This is day 2 and because I know I gave it up that makes me want those things more………plus I use POP and junk food to ease my stress………….and it’s probably one of the most stressful times in my life right now! I went to bed last night at 8:30 and slept right through until 8 a.m. this morning and I was still tired……..man I hate that feeling….so anyways I have come to the conclusion…….I need to rely on God not food or Coke for my stress relief….this is something I am learning…… I have this headache that will not stop and I have to work at Superstore tomorrow. Keep me in your prayers if you think of me…..I am struggling today!


7 thoughts on “What next God?

  1. I have always been one to rely on other things to help me cope with stress… smoking, drugs, coffee, food, sleep, you name it. Must be my addictive personality. I encourage you to fight this one out. God will give you all the stength you need to walk this, His grace is sufficent for you!
    Do you think you might be going through caffeine withdrawls from the coke, that could be causing your headaches. (I’ve had serious headaches from trying to quit coffee. I’m off now, but my hubby weened me off very slowly, so it wasn’t such a shock to my body)

  2. HI Crystal…I wonder why is so easy for us to rely on ridiculous things for stress relief. For me, I bite my nails….and I have trained my brain to think that biting them does actually help me feel better…that is so stupid! Especially when God is RIGHT THERE at all times to relieve our stress, if we only ask Him!

    May God teach you great things these next 40 days!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement girls….Nin it’s definately a headache from caffine withdrawl…
    although the headache has eased up since yesterday…… I know that most of the time I rely on physical things to relieve my stress and God is just showing me how much more He can do for me if I let him……….Thanks for praying for me!

  4. It was a pleasure to meet you the other night, and I will keep you in my prayers!

  5. Praying fo ryou when God puts you on my heart….which is right now!!

    So glad you came to the concert. Hope we can get together again soon!

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