My Sister and her family

This is my sister and her husband on their recent holiday to Aruba……….their kids are in the picture below……They are missionaries in Tarija Boliva………they have along with some other missionaries started a church there that is growing by leaps and bounds ……they also help run a coffee shop and internet cafe for university students. They are always in need of support both prayer support and financial support so keep them mind mind when you are praying and if you want to help out financially let me know and I will hook you up with the EFC mission that they work under. Hopefully they will be coming home on furlow in October or November……….I sure miss them…….I haven’t even met my new little nephew that they adopted……..I can hardly wait to hold him! My sister and I were never very close growing up but I sure appreciate her now that we are older and she is my only sister………..anyways…….enjoy the pictures!

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