My Parents & the Farm

Recently my family built a brand new barn where they can milk something like 32 cows at once….the system is brand new and it’s like a carasol and the cows actually like getting milked on this contraption if you can believe it! The are milking something like 250-275 cows!

This is my Dad……….now this picture is a rare find because he usually looks solemn and quiet but there is this absolutely hilarious side to my Dad that most people don’t know about…… This picture portrays my Dad’s wild side……….like when he knew the guys were working on the electric fence and he plugs it in while they are working on it……….then rolls on the grass laughing cause the guys get a shock and are looking around cause they were sure they had disconnected it……..not a serious shock…..just enough to scare them a bit! That’s my Dad for you……..

My Mom is the kind of farmers wife most farmers dream about…….she bakes………cooks…..for the workers……she always has something on hand for the coffee room……….and then she will pitch in and clean in the barn like a real trooper……and her house is perfect looking all the time. There are not many women who work as hard as my Mom does ……. and isn’t she just the cutest?


4 thoughts on “My Parents & the Farm

  1. Wow what an amazing family. I love farms, cows and all. I grew up on one and know how hard it is these day to be a farmer.

    Thank you for sharing a piece of your family with us.


  2. Hey there,

    Reminds me of the days when we’d go to my uncle’s dairy farm. I’m sure starting to miss saskatchewan these days. You just don’t see “farms” out here, or atleast what us prairie people consider real farms. Especially Dairy farms. I miss my “home”.

  3. that is so intereting!! i liked that post..and yes your mom is very cute!! 😉

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