My Brother and His family

These are some of the most beautiful people I know………..My brother runs our family farm! My Dad is still the boss but my brother lives at the farm now and my parents live in town. My nephews are the sweetest ever…….I love them sooo much! The bottom picture is from their recent trip to bolivia to visit my Sister and my Uncle and Aunt who live in Santa Cruz…..the other guy in the picture is my Uncle Jake, he along with others run a christian radio station outside of Santa Cruz Bolivia. I couldn’t find a picture of my aunt but they are also on my list of the most beautiful people I know…..they have dedicated their life to ministry and often that has meant allot of sacrifice on their part……….4 years ago…….my cousin Kelly ……..their son…..was electricuted and killed in Bolivia…..he was only 18…..this is something that has devasted their family and yet they still live a life dedicated to ministry………keep them in your prayers as well!
Missionaries really do give up allot to do what God has called them to do.


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