Marriage Encounter

Well this last weekend we attended Marriage encounter here in Saskatoon, IT WAS INCREDIBLE! I can’t say enough good things about it. I was was very aprehensive going into it because we have gone to something like this a few years back and I did not enjoy it that much…… was ok ……but this was incredible……..all I can say that explains is it 48 hours of love. It was sooo hard to come home!
Other than that there is nothing much new in my life…….I have applied at several different churchs in different places and I am just waiting to hear something….my life is in limbo……….this is definately the hardest place I have ever been in my life! I do trust God…….I am surprisingly peaceful considering our lives are in limbo. God has blessed us so much so I just will trust him with all my worries and keep going. I am hoping I will be able to continue on with helping Wanda at Circle Drive just to keep myself busy until we know where things are with my job situation…..I will continue to work at Superstore and take as many hours as I can until I can find something that really pays me what I am worth…..or maybe I am only worth $8.20 an hour, who knows……
Anyways, I hope your weeks are going ok!


3 thoughts on “Marriage Encounter

  1. My sister and Terry went to marriage encounter a few months ago as well. They had nothing but great things to say about it and said how they wished that they could sponser us to go some day.

    That’s great that you’re putting yourself out there and starting to look for a job. You’re worth more than $8.20/hr girl!! And you know it!!

  2. i really want to go to the Marriage Encounter sometime!!! i’m glad that it was a refresher for you & your hubby!!!!
    and i’m happy that you are getting your name out to church’s – they’d be crazy not to hire you!! i can’t wait to see what God is gonna do in the next little bit in your life. it might be scary, but it will be something great!

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