The Definition of Faith

I have been learning allot during the Bible class I am taking at the church. Faith is a huge issue because I think allot of us including myself don’t really understand what that means. So here is my teacher’s defination of “Faith”.
Faith is our permission to God to do what He wants to do in and through our lives including and more likely involves pain and suffering. Hebrews 12:1-15 What makes us think that because we have faith that nothing bad will ever happen to us? When we go through tough times…that is God’s discipline in our lives….that is how He grows our faith. Have you ever noticed that you learned a really good lesson through a great time? I can’t think of one good lesson I have learnt through good times! Believe me I have tried to think of something because I am having a hard time with these verses……Then there is the matter of our free will….God cannot and will not do something in our life to override our free will because we are created in His likeness. For example if you are praying for an unbelieving friend that they would come to Christ and this friend continue’s to live a life seperated from God, you can believe that God will reach your friend and He tries……He gives you opportunties to share with your friend…He speaks through their conscience….through creation……..But your friend continues to shut God’s voice out, refuses to hear or act on advice you have given them……God cannot do anything to override that person’s free will……He desperately wants them to come to Him but He cannot do anything about it if they decide to shut His voice out! In fact the more they hear and turn away from God’s voice….the Bible says that God allows their hearts to become hard! It doesn’t mean that He stops moving but they don’t see it anymore because they have shut Him out so much that they don’t notice Him anymore. He’s been tuned out!
Faith is also God giving us permission to approach Him asking Him to do something ( Gen 18:32-33) The verses in this reference is of Abraham asking God to spare sodom and gomorra if there are men of faith in the city! I think most of you know the story….God could not find 10 men of faith in the City and so he had to destroy it because it was so full of sin! But He spared Lot and his family and gave them advance warning, they were the only people God found worthy to spare. Abraham had enough faith in God to ask to spare the city and because of his faith God listened, He considered Abrahams plea’s to save the city! I have never really thought about that…….when we pray do we ask God for the things that matter and believe that He will intervene? Hebrews 11 lists all the men and women who God considered to have huge faith……the funny thing is that none of them were perfect………they had huge flaws…….Abraham tried to pass his wife off as his sister because he was afraid that he would be killed……Rahab was a protitute……David was an adulterer……I could go on but the reality is that often because of my sin…….my life……I don’t come to God in faith believe that he will interven and so He can’t! Back to our free will! Matt 17:20 says that if you have faith like a mustard seed you can move mountains…….I don’t know about you but I haven’t see allot of mountains moved lately! Why is that?
Just some thoughts from my studies lately……..feel free to speak your thoughts!


One thought on “The Definition of Faith

  1. wow, thankyou for sharing all this truth. I too have been learning about faith (neat how God moves)
    please keep sharing as He keeps teaching you.

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