Where did my last post go?

There is something fishy going on with blogger………my post from Saturday is gone…………it just vanished into blogger world……………..where did it go and who erased it?
Has this happened to anyone else?
Basically what I had said in the last post is that in my fast I am learning that often I fill my need for God with food. I am not doing as well as I would like to be doing but I continue struggling on. I want to put food in it’s rightful place and put God higher than He’s been in my life…..this God shaped vacuum in my life cannot be filled with food……only God will do!

The other thing I mentioned it that I have had some rude comments left on my site lately and frankly if you have something to say to me please put your name to it so we can address why you feel what I write is and I quote “What self-indulgent pieces of crap your prattlings are. You suck!” Well since you refuse to put your name to your comment I will refuse to listen to what you have to say……….but if you want to put your name to it I would be happy to talk to you about why I suck………..lol………..frankly I think it’s your opinion! You have right to it but I don’t have to listen to you…………..that is the beauty of the delete button.


2 thoughts on “Where did my last post go?

  1. Hey Crystal,
    Am so glad to hear that you’re still trucking in your fast. Remember that He is not seeking perfection in us, but only direction, and you are headed in the right one! By His mighty power through His holy spirit, you ARE ABLE to conquer your fight with food. You are so precious to Him, and He is so patient with you, thank you for sharing this journey with us.
    Try not to get to annoyed with those peoples comments, although I’m sure it’s a stick in your butt 😛 Just remember the God you serve, and that He came to save whoever is sending those comments, just like you and I. He is so amazing isn’t He?
    Many blessings!

  2. Hey, actually my post a while ago went away and I was like umm where did it go. Searched and searched my history on my blogs to no avail. O well, guess it wasn’t suppose to be posted. Anyway, I hope you know that people have your back. And of coarse some are going to be against what you say, but who cares when God has your back.

    I bless you!

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