My Song – Treasure

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Check out the RED hair…………..I know it’s not the best sound but at least you can have an idea of what the song I wrote sounds like.

7 thoughts on “My Song – Treasure

  1. Nice song, nice voice, thanks for sharing.

    I have to admit though, it kept starting and stopping so I had a bit of difficulties with it, but still I enjoyed it.

    Nice hair!!

  2. gives me a glimse into your life, thanks so much for sharing
    which church are you singing in?

  3. wow, my mother inlaw goes there. her name is bonnie waldherr. my hubby grew up there. i always thought that you sang at a church in osler. Im sorry that i havent’ been paying attention. I’ve probably seen you.joe and i have been to a couple of marriage encounters in your church….

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