Day 6

Well I can’t really explain how I am feeling the last couple of days……………….do I miss food? YES
Do I feel better now without it? Absolutely…………my body feels like it’s cleansing! I bought myself some fruit for over the weekend because I knew it would be harder when my family was eating in front of me……..Kiwi….Pinapple & watermelon…….I love Kiwi and Pinapple together…….watermelon doesn’t quite fit into the mix so I have to eat that seperate but all are fruits high in nutrients and also speed up the detoxing process, or so I have heard!
I cleaned my entire house yesterday with my Mom and kids help of course, I know when I have a big project of cleaning on my plate my Mom is the one to call……….she loves to clean! She does twice the amount of work I can do in a couple of hours. We re arrange my living room…….cleaned my kitchen……..cleaned all my partlight candle holders (which could take hours in itself cause I use to sell it and I have tons of partylight stuff) and re arranged some candles.
My house needless to say looks awesome today but toward the end I had no energy whatsoever. My mom is the energizer bunny when it comes to cleaning……….I am very thankful that she came to help out! That’s the thing I love the most about my Mom……….I can always count on her, she loves to help me and it often costs her time that she had planned for other things. SO big thanks to my Mom! My kids are pretty great too………..they are gettting pretty good at doing their Saturday chores(which we did on Friday this week). Sometimes I have to make them do things over but they are only kids……..I often get frustrated with that and I shouldn’t……..they do allot for me!
Well my dogs are bugging me to let them out so that’s it for today


One thought on “Day 6

  1. i don’t think i ever heard what started this detox – or what it all intales…i’d love to hear about it..
    and i sure wish your mom could come to MY house! since it will be up for sale (hopefully) by next week! i need it cleaned – fast!!!!

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