Day 4

Do you ever really know when you are starving? My children say that all the time when they have to wait for dinner………but they are not really starving! I am…………LOL! I have to say though the last day has been ok…….my mind is not always on food anymore……there are breaks from the thoughts of must having food. My times with God are more intense……real……it makes all of the other stuff pale in comparison. Many doctors say that if your stomach is growling it’s going into the fat reserves for calories……….which is reassuring since I have many pounds of fat reserves……at least I know what my body is up to when my stomach growls. I am sleeping better too…………no idea why………maybe cause I am so tired all the time………but that is normal when you are fasting cause your body is renewing itself so it needs extra rest……or so I have heard! It helps that I still keep going with my regular schedule…..although this weekend will be hard cause I will be home all day Friday, Saturday & Sunday! Pray for me on those days when my family is home with me that I will stay strong!
My internship is going great, I am feeling like I fit in this church, people accept me for who I am ……… not that it didn’t happen before but this just seems different and new. I am a part of a great staff, they are supportive and I just can’t explain the peace I feel when I am among them. I know that through all of this God is renewing me, refreshing me for His service………..I am soo excited about what the future holds. I wish I knew more about what my future holds………I like to know what is coming but God has given me amazing peace about just being ok with doing one day at a time.
Barry and I are going to Marriage Encounter in the middle of February. I am excited about that as well because it’s always good to take a fresh look at our marriage and how we can improve it. This is a weekend event so we will get to spend the entire weekend together at a hotel and just focus on us! We are being sponsered by the people at Circle Drive Alliance Church so this is also a free weekend for us and right now I am so thankful for that because money is extremely tight these days. We also joined a small group from the church and we meet with them on Sunday nights, this is a really good time of fellowship for us. Our kids are going to Jr High small groups and that is a great thing for them as well! We are feeling extremely blessed!
Thank you to all who are praying for me………I definately feel your prayers!


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