My Humbling Experience

Well this is what happened to me today…………..I hit the ditch………BIG TIME! No this is not a picture of my car just one I pulled off the net but it’s pretty much the same! I hit a patch of black ice and did about 4 360’s on the highway and then right into the ditch I went. I am very fortunate that there was no one around me cause I would have taken them out. A few minutes after I hit the ditch a truck hit the ditch and flipped over just about 1/4 mile from where I went in so I guess I was not the only one but I sure felt stupid and embarrased for hitting the ditch…..luckily I have roadside assistance and I got a tow truck within 30 minutes! God was looking out for me today and so I am very thankful that nothing serious happened to me or my car or that I didn’t hurt someone else.
I am not sure if this is God’s way of trying to get my attention or if there is something else I need to learn from this experience but He sure has my attention!


2 thoughts on “My Humbling Experience

  1. Ooh! Thankfully you’re alright. Yah, nothing like a good “see your life flash before your eyes” kind of moment to get your attention eh?I’m glad you weren’t hurt.

  2. Wow! So glad you’re ok! Yeah that black ice is a killer. Experienced a similar thing a couple of years ago, I hit black ice and slide onto the other side of the road, only there was a car there, and I hit him. No one was hurt, but God definately showed me in a not so gentle way to Slow the heck down! But that was just me, I used to have a bit of a speeding problem. Took an accident to clear that one up 😉
    Can’t believe you watched a truck flip over into the ditch! Talk about scary!

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