A brand new perspective!

Jesus says this about Himself……..
” I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well, from now on you do know HIM and have seen HIM” John 14:6-7

Here is something I discovered today, a nugget of truth that’s been out there all along and I just got it today when I was listening to a study tape waiting to pick up my kids from Cadets!

If we really want to experience God and really know him…………..we must go through Jesus……worship Jesus………who HE is ………..because if we know Him(Jesus)…….we will intimately know our Father because they are connected. God wants to know us………he desire’s us to be connected with us. He sent his Son to bridge the gap between God and man so that we could experience what it’s like to be in communion with God. There is no other way to GOD except through Jesus and the gift of salvation. There are allot of people who seach all their lives to find their “spirituality” and this is why………….whe are created to be in communion with the most high GOD……..all the time……….so true intimacy with God comes from worshiping HIS son.
Worship will take on a whole new dimension for me with this truth in mind……I just thought I had to share it……I hope that it gives new meaning to your times of worship!


2 thoughts on “A brand new perspective!

  1. Wow amazing. I was blessed reading this post. I am also learning to worship they way God intended it to be.

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