My Audience of One

Well today has been one of the best day’s I have had in a long time. I got up at 6 a.m. to get ready to be at the church for 8 a.m. I was not sure how this day would play out but I was prepared……..I went to bed early last night (10 p.m.)……… I spend about half and hour just praying and asking God to be with me refocusing, that where I sing, how many people hear me is not important……….He is my audience of one…….I only need to please him……….my heart needs to be right…………He will do the rest! He is one who gave me this gift, my voice is not mine.
Practice at the church went well, I was not nervous, I thought I would be but God was with me, I could feel it. The service was great everything went off without a hitch, my Mom & Dad came to church to hear me sing. I wish I could explain this feeling I am experiencing today, I am soo happy, fulfilled. I didn’t need anyone to tell me I did great, God told me! This is what it feels like to work for God and knowing that He is pleased, because I did it for HIM…..not me or anyone else for that matter.
Sure there were allot of people who came up to me after and told me that I have a beautiful voice but you know what………none of that mattered………..its HIS……….my voice is HIS so He gets the glory. My Dad told me that he was proud of me………..I don’t think I have ever heard him say that before! I feel so blessed!
I hope that no one misunderstands my ranting as boasting, the only thing I am proud of is that God used me, I am not worthy on my own to get this gift! “I will boast in Jesus Christ, His death and resurrecton.” This is definately not about me, I am slowly learning that no matter what I do…….the only audience I need to focus on is HIM! He is my ………


3 thoughts on “My Audience of One

  1. Thats so awesome Crystal!

    I’m very happy for you, and no, you don’t sound like you’re boasting one bit.

    I know God enjoyed hearing the gift that He gave you. Someday I hope that I can hear that gift too.

  2. i’m so excited that you had such a positive experience!!! i know God will bless you with many more!
    i am going to make it a priority to come & hear you sometime soon, so keep me informed as to when you are singing!! and i’ll come say hi! i’ve been chatting with your sister-in-law & it’s neat!
    you have a great gift – and you are even sacrificing being a complete family to use your gift. God will bless you.
    keep it up!!

  3. blessing always follows walking in our purpose. Glad to hear it went so well, and that God is the one getting the glory! bless you!

    by the way, you’ve been tagged, check out my latest post 🙂

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