Happy New Year! Back from the holidays…

Well its been awhile since I posted, its been such a busy Christmas I have not had time to post for awhile but a belated Merry Christmas to everyone, and a Happy New Year!

We just spent 6 days with Barry’s family for Christmas. Over all it was a good time for all and we came home feeling glad to be home. The kids god spoiled as they should have going to their grandparents. Barry got a job offer over the holiday’s, its in Edmonton and so it looks like we will be moving in the new year. We are waiting for some final details from the employer offering the job before we take it…..hopefully they will pay for our move, but other than that unless God does some major work in the next week it looks like we will be moving. Barry will probably go out to Edmonton and work for a few months before we move, that will give him time to see if he likes the job and for me to finish the internship.
Today is Barry and My 14th Anniversary……..we celebrated yesterday in Edmonton and today before we left Edmonton we stopped to visit an old school friend of Barry’s whom he had lost contact with. She was one of his best friends growing up and it was interesting to see her again. We found out today that her husband left her in May for another woman! We are just baffled because we would have never thought that about him, that it would be possible for him to do something like that being a Christian. We talked about it on the way home and we are realising more and more how many of our friends have had this happen in some way shape or form in the last few years….its spreading like the flu! Men leaving their wives for other women, women leaving their husbands for other men, and it all happening in the Church. We are very thankful today that we have made it this far and recommitted ourselves to being faithful to each other and to communicate with each other about our needs before anything like this can happen to us.

I came home to two very fat dogs! Both Emily and Molly got into the bag of dog food while we were gone, I am assuming that the house sitter left the bag of dog food on the floor and they helped themselves. In 6 days my puggy wuggy and gums galore got really really fat. So on a diet my poor dogs go tomorrow! They will hate it and I will get many sad looks because we are cutting back on their food.

Tomorrow we are going to My Mom and Dad’s for Christmas, I haven’t had any time to buy Christmas Presents for anyone other than my Mom so I kind of feel stupid but I will have to go shoping tomorrow on the way home from work so that I don’t feel like and idiot going over there for Christmas.

I am going to be singing and doing some leading for the first time at CDAC this Sunday, its really scarey cause its been such a long time it feels like. I would appreciate your prayers over the next week. I need to get my head around the fact that we will be moving and hopefully God will have something for me in Edmonton too. I really have to trust him with that!

Well that’s it for now! Happy New Year everyone!


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Back from the holidays…

  1. Sounds like you had a great time out in Edmonton.

    So your getting a bit closer to me, thats good. Now we’ll have a place to crash on the way to Stoon next time we go…right?

    You sound happy.

    I hope that you enjoy leading the worship time this sunday. I’ll be praying for you.

    By the way, did Cassy give you the hug that I told her to? Just checkin.

    Take care

  2. Glad you had a good holiday season. I am not surprised that a “Christian” left his wife. I think it boils down to personal values. Even though I am not a “Christian” (I have been told I am going to hell if you can believe that!!) I have good morals. I don’t lie (whereas I have witnessed other “good christians” doing this on a regular basis) cheat or steal. I honor my husband and my family. I think the long and short of what I am trying to say is even though some claim to be Christians they may not have better values than us “lowly folk (just joking) ” who live there life with values.
    What do you think?
    Sorry I ranted but it’s been on my mind lately.
    Have a wonderful New Years Celebration. My sister lives in Edmonton. I love that city!

  3. I too am not too surprised to hear of yet another broken man leaving his poor wife. We all have choices to face every moment of every day, and all it takes is a few bad choices and all of a sudden you wake up and wonder where the heck you are and how you got there. We are ALL susceptable to the enemy’s use, christian and non-christian, if we have our guard down, and are walking in our fleshly desires. A few little steps in the wrong direction is all it takes.
    So glad to hear your Christmas was well, and congrats on your anniversary!! Wow, 14 years, that’s amazing, you are so blessed! Sorry to hear about your poor pups, I’m sure they’re gonna hate their diet.
    We have one more family christmas gathering, and we still haven’t bought all the presents we need, so you’re not alone, there are many other procrastinators out there!
    Congrats on the new job too, hope it all pans out smoothly with no stress or anxiety. Blessings,

  4. Well thanks for your comments. I have been thinking about this allot lately. The fall of “man”! The reality is sin exsists because we are all sinners born into sin. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me even when Christians fail cause if we get busy with all this other stuff we are not doing what God called each of us to do which is to help others to see God’s gift of forgivness. Sin is sin in God’s eye’s, there is no levels of which sin is worse, pride and adultery are equal! Hell exsists because of sin, not because of one specific person and what they don’t do……hell is there for all of us unless we accept God’s perfect gift of forgivness! It’s a gift, we don’t have to go to hell! That is our choice! God loves us so much He gave us a choice, He didn’t want robots, He gave Adam and Eve a choice in the garden, they chose sin! He sent his Son to die for us so that we could go to heaven, so that we could have a choice. See sin cannot exsist with a perfect God! We could not get there(heaven) by doing anything on our own, good morals don’t do it, neither is loving our enemies. We are all destined for hell unless we make the choice to accept the free gift of forgiveness. Christians still mess up, we fail but it’s a journey! Learning to turn over the reigns of my life to God and trusting him it’s called faith. We are no better than anyone who does not except God’s gift, the only difference between us is God’s mercy. He’s gives us purpose, this world is not my ultimate home, we are only here maybe 80 years, the rest of our days will be in heaven with him. My best friend! He will never fail me, even when I fail Him!
    I am so glad he loves me enough to keep giving me a choice!
    Those are my thoughts, Thank you to each of you for your thoughts and opinions!

  5. Wow, Exactly.
    “Christians fail cause if we get busy with all this other stuff we are not doing what God called each of us to do”
    This is so true. As soon as we stop walking in purpose, we are destined to destruction. Good one.

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